Cosmic Journal


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Silver, Yanik

Charmingly illustrated and hand-lettered journal intersperses wise messages on purpose, destiny, the universe, and building an evolved business with engaging writing prompts and fun exercises to both inspire and motivate you on the path toward your dreams.

This is it: the Galactic Instruction Manual you should've been given at birth to help you RE-remember exactly WHO you really are and what the heck you're meant to be doing here on this planet . . . You've landed in the right place.

Unlike any other book you've seen, The Cosmic Journal is a unique combination of a powerful oracle, wise sage, and friendly guide rolled into one. You can read it cover to cover or flip to a page at "random" to see the perfect message awaiting you from the Universe, along with a writing prompt to nudge you to uncover your own answers. Each page has been whimsically illustrated and completely hand-lettered by visionary entrepreneur Yanik Silver.

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