Alexander Technique Manual
Take Control of Your Posture and Your Life


Paperback, 144 pages

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by Richard Brennan

A favorite of dancers and performers, the Alexander Technique is a simple yet profound way to release muscular tension throughout the body. It teaches us new ways of sitting, standing, and moving that put less stress on the bones and joints and help us move more gracefully. This step-by-step illustrated guide shows you how to move with comfort and ease and relieve and prevent common aches and pains simply by taking control of your posture. By adjusting the way you do things you can avoid putting your body under strain and achieve a more relaxed muscular system. Special sections covering a wide range of sports as well as pregnancy and childbirth make this simple yet comprehensive book a must for anyone wishing to improve their lifestyle.

Let go of tension and discover a new sense of lightness and wellbeing in your day-to-day life.

This is a new edition of a previously published title.

Richard Brennan is a fully qualified teacher of the Alexander Technique and runs a busy practice in Galway, Ireland. He also holds courses and gives talks throughout Europe and has been a pioneer in bringing the Technique to a worldwide audience. He lives in Galway, Ireland.

  • Publisher: Eddison Books, March 2018