Sustainable Life: The New Success


Paperback, 138 pages

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by James Wanless

Sustainability is a vital sign of life. To live well and live long, sustainability is the way. In fact, it’s the way of life. Sustainable life means living well and living long. To do this requires living whole — which means to stay healthy, be happy, grow wise, have sufficient material wealth, be creative, adaptable and resilient, preserve the earth, contribute to community and social harmony — all in a conscious and balanced way. Sustainability is the “new success,” because it’s sustainable success, and it’s not a given. It’s an ability—the “sustain-ability”—that needs to be learned and exercised. In Sustainable Life, noted futurist James Wanless, Ph.D. examines the principles of personal sustainability as the means of living a healthy, whole life—achieving personal sustainability and contributing to global sustainability through our personal choices. The book is illustrated with images from Wanless' Sustain Yourself Cards, a perfect companion and tool for living your Sustainable Life. The last chapter of the book includes a Sustainability Action Journal for recording your insights and progress on the sustainability path.

  • Publisher: Tarot Media Company, March 2012
James Wanless

James Wanless, PhD, former professor of political science from Columbia University, is an international consultant and trainer who is an authority on intuition with his book "Intuition@Work."  He is the noted author of the modern classic "Voyager Tarot" and other tarot books (Way of the Great Oracle, Strategic Intuition for the 21st Century, New Age Tarot, Wheel of Tarot), and is known as "Mr. Sustainability" for his groundbreaking deck "Sustain Yourself Cards."

He has often been called "Mr. Tarot" or the "Tarot Revolutionary" because of his enormous contribution to the field of tarot.

With his magical blend of personal charisma, humor, and pragmatic enthusiasm, he is thought of as a "corporate shaman" and an internationally known authority on intuition. He keynotes, trains and consults with organizations throughout the world.

He has also developed a groundbreaking technique for using the tarot as a proactive tool for "Life Coaching."

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