Tea Light Crystal Infused Soy Wax Candle

Tea Light Crystal Infused Soy Wax Candle


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Tea Light Candle Collection Set contains candles having a distinct blend of all-natural Soya Wax with enchanting fragrances; complemented with magnificent healing crystals. It includes the Protection tea light candle, Calm tea light candle, Grounded tea light candle, Cleansed tea light candle, and Abundance tea light candle. They enhance the ambiance of candlelight and add instant impact to any space when used in multiples. Ideal gift set for any occasion and as part of the decor for any event.

Hand-made in Canada, with great passion and care, with a total burn time of 4-6 hours for each tea light candle.

Hand-poured, 100% natural candles

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Hand-poured, 100% natural crystal candles.