Smoky Quartz Platonic Solids Set

Smoky Quartz Platonic Solids Set


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The five Smoky Quartz Mini Platonic Solids re a set of five geometrical shapes:

Hexahedron(Cube), Tetrahedron(Pyramid), Octahedron (Diamond), Dodecahedron (10 sided shape), and Icosahedron (20 sided shape).

They release distinct and powerful vibrations that attract abundance, prosperity and good luck.

Smoky Quartz is known to promote calmness and remove all negativity. It is associated with the Root chakra; making it an excellent meditation stone to focus and form a deep connection with one's inner self.

Each of these shapes represents an Element of Nature and possesses its own energy that merges with the energy of Smoky Quartz making the individual shape as well as the set, a great tool for meditation, spiritual, energy and reiki healing. 


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