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Amethyst Orgone Pendulum Just Added
Amethyst Orgone Pendulum

Clear negative vibes and energy during your divination practice.

Anatomy of a Witch
Anatomy of a Witch
Laura Tempest Zakroff

This book is a guide to the most magical tool in your possession?your body. Not just your physical flesh-and-blood body, but also your symbolic Witch body, the conduit for bringing the material and metaphysical worlds together. Within these pages, you will explore hands-on magical practices, exercises, and sigils related to your Witch Lungs, Heart, Bones, Mind, and the spiraling path of your inner Serpent.

Ancient Feminine Wisdom
Ancient Feminine Wisdom
Kay Steventon

Just as ancient people sought the oracles of the goddesses, today's readers can find inspiration and guidance from the eternal feminine wisdom. Beautifully illustrated cards and narrative text reveal the ancient insights of goddesses through the sacred art of divination.

Angel Tarot
Angel Tarot
Travis McHenry

The Angel Tarot is nothing like a traditional deck of angel cards. The 72 angels of the Kabbalah (or Shem HaMephorash) are extremely powerful heavenly beings that provide assistance to mortals while also ruling over their hellish counterparts, the 72 demons of the Goetia.

Awakened Dreamer Oracle Cards New
Awakened Dreamer Oracle Cards
Kelly Sullivan Walden

Bestselling author Kelly Sullivan Walden brings you 55 rousing messages to support, nudge, and inspire you to celebrate your greater potential and relish this journey called life.

Barbieri Unicorns Oracle New
Barbieri Unicorns Oracle
Paolo Barbieri

The magnificent essence of the unicorn soars into your inner spirit with the Barbieri Unicorns Oracle.

Black Salt 1oz New
Black Salt 1oz

Black salt is a powerful ritual component used in removing jinxes and in keeping away evil forces or bad neighbors.

Blue Evil Eye Clasp Bracelet New
Blue Evil Eye Clasp Bracelet

Feel the power of protection with this blue evil eye bead bracelet.

Confidence Spell Jar Candle Just Added
Confidence Spell Jar Candle

Designed to visualize yourself as confident and as an empowered force.

Cosmic Journey Oracle Cards New
Cosmic Journey Oracle Cards
Yanik Silver

Uncover the mystical messages from the Universe and tap into your own inner wisdom with The Cosmic Journey Oracle, a unique journaling oracle deck from visionary entrepreneur Yanik Silver.

Crystal Message Cards
Crystal Message Cards
Valencia Chan

Wherever you are on your spiritual path, this 70-card deck will help you develop a rapport and love for the crystal kingdom. Each Crystal Message card features a photo of the crystal, a description of its meaning and benefits, and a powerful affirmation.

Dragon Magick Deck New
Dragon Magick Deck
Lucy Cavendish

Dragons are wise, strong, protective beings, whose guidance was sought after for thousands of years. Now they are here to enter into a deep and lasting friendship with you!

Earthcraft Oracle New
Earthcraft Oracle
Juliet Diaz & Lorriane Anderson

The Earthcraft Oracle is a tool to help you reconnect to Mother Earth and to your highest self.

Ecstasy through Tantra
Ecstasy through Tantra
Dr. Jonn Mumford

This edition of an influential classic provides sexual techniques and positions for ritual intercourse that will flood you with physical ecstasy and activate expanded states of consciousness. These Tantric practices not only teach you how to build sexual love and passion to an amazing peak, but also how to push your mind even higher to reach transcendental bliss.

Elemental Oracle New
Elemental Oracle
Stacey Demarco

You don't have to use your imagination to feel the power of alchemy and magic?they are potently available in the elements that surround you!

Enchanted Unicorn Oracle New
Enchanted Unicorn Oracle
Priestess Moon

Enter the legendary world of enchanted unicorns! These mythical creatures make powerful spirit guides and totem animals, and these cards will share their insights with you.

Fairy Whispers Deck New
Fairy Whispers Deck
Lucy Cavendish

I do believe in faeries! I do, I do! Faeries are delightful, loving nature spirits and they wish to connect with you! Open your very own doorway into Faeryland with this charming 55-card deck from bestselling author Lucy Cavendish.

Field Tarot
Field Tarot
Hannah Elizabeth Fofana

The Field Tarot was created to guide readers through the sacred space ("the field") where the tarot narrative takes place. Inspired by colorful, botanical, and otherworldly dreamscapes, the accessible artwork situates the reader within the scene, allowing them to easily connect with the card meanings.