Droplets of God New

The Life and Philosophy of Mavis Pittilla

by Suzanne Giesemann

“Make them go away!” This was the immediate reaction of young Mavis Pittilla when people from the spirit world began appearing unexpectedly in her home. One of these “spirit people” delivered a message that would ultimately save her life. Still, she wanted nothing to do with these visitors and sought help from her local Spiritualist church. There she learned to embrace these new experiences, opening her to a lifetime of service that has spanned continents.

World-renowned and universally respected and beloved as a medium and teacher for over 50 years, Mavis Pittilla remains modest and humble. The story of her life reveals a multi-faceted, endearing woman who has overcome tremendous adversity, much of it caused by her own human frailties.

Droplets of God is far more than Mavis’s fascinating biography. It is a primer of the foundations of mediumship, the key philosophical teachings of Spiritualism, and of the soul’s journey of self-realization.

  • Publisher: One Mind Books (February 18, 2019)

Paperback, 215 pages

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