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by LON

Quantum artist LON’s follow-up to her bestselling deck, Sacred Geometry Activations Oracle, uses 44 beautifully designed sacred geometry activations to help seekers understand and enrich their relationships, themselves, and the planet.

LON, creator of the Sacred Geometry Activations Oracle, follows up her bestselling deck with cards that delve into our ties to one another. Her new deck provides fresh perspectives about our connections to ourselves, friends, family, colleagues, and romantic partners.

We are all made of sacred geometric structures, and these intricate webs hold us all together, making us one with all creation. The deck’s 44 activations bring our deepest questions to light and show us how we are intertwined with our fellow human beings and every creature on earth and beyond. This deck and the Sacred Geometry Activations Oracle can also be used in combination to help users gain deeper clarity on how our relationships bring meaning to our temporal and eternal lives.

44 Card Deck and Guidebook

44 Card Deck and Guidebook, 5 x 1.6 x 6.75 inches

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