A pendulum is an object suspended on a thread or chain through which the energy from the human energetic system flows, creating movement in the pendulum. Pendulums have the ability to receive as well as generate energy and therefore can be used as either a sender or receiver of energy.
Pendulums are made from many different materials and in many different sizes and shapes. The most advanced and sought after pendulums are those which are based on Sacred Geometry - the ancient Egyptian knowledge of vibrations associated with different shapes.

At Circles, we sell a variety of crystal pendulums, as well as brass pendulums from Alicja Centre of Being.

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Amethyst Orgone Pendulum Just Added
Amethyst Orgone Pendulum

Clear negative vibes and energy during your divination practice.

Garnet Orgone Pendulum Just Added
Garnet Orgone Pendulum

Energy healing Garnet orgone 6 sided pendulum.

Malachite Pendulum Just Added
Malachite Pendulum

A simple conical bob pendulum carved from Syn. Malachite from India.

Pendulum, Copper Plated Just Added
Pendulum, Copper Plated

Copper Plated Pendulum.

Pendulum, Gold Plated Just Added
Pendulum, Gold Plated

Gold plated study pendulum with compartment chamber.

Selenite 7 Chakra Pendulum Just Added
Selenite 7 Chakra Pendulum

Selenite 7 Chakra pendulum for luck and protection.

Shungite Orgone Pendulum Just Added
Shungite Orgone Pendulum

Double the powers with this Shungite Orgone pendulum.

Super Isis Pendulum 11 SOLD OUT