3 Body Qigong: Harmonizing Your Energy Centers Online

David Sholemson

  • This class will be offered online through a Zoom meeting. Please register at least an hour in advance. About an hour before class you will receive an emailed invitation with the login link and/or phone number. You do not need to have your own Zoom account. 
  • Please Note: I encourage you to commit to the whole series to feel the benefit of this practice. Commit to the full series and you will receive a deeply discounted rate. The classes will be recorded in case you miss a week or want to practice. A replay link will be sent out the day after each class and available to watch for one week. 
  • Classes will be held on the following dates:  November 3, 10, 17, December 1, 8, 15, 22

In qigong, we focus on 3 dantians or major energy centers.  The lower dantian (for vitality and power), the middle dantian (for love, compassion, and peace), and the upper dantian (for wisdom and intuition). In this series, we will learn to grow these energy centers through qigong movements, vibration, and meditation, then harmonize them so you feel more vitality, open-hearted, and connected to the universe.  

Please bring a mat as some classes will be on the floor.  (Modifications will be offered if you can’t go on the mat). If you have any questions please contact me at 3bodyha@gmail.com

For those of you who have not taken any of the classes before, this series of classes are all about moving energy in your body, through movement, and quieting your mind (through sound or guided meditation). Beginners and advanced practitioners of all ages are welcome. 

NOTE: The classes will be recorded in case you miss them or want to practice the following week. A replay link will be sent out the day after each class and available to watch for one week. Zoom live or practice with the recorded class from wherever you are!



Wednesday, December 8
6:30 pm-7:30 pm EST

Wednesday, December 15
6:30 pm-7:30 pm EST

Wednesday, December 22
6:30 pm-7:30 pm EST

David Sholemson

David Sholemson

David is an energy healer, qigong teacher and workshop facilitator. His path began in December 2005, after a second knee surgery.  He unknowingly wandered into an energy yoga center seeking a massage to help with the pain. Knowing nothing about energy, yoga or healing, he signed up.  After practicing for 2 weeks, and receiving energy healing,  David  “just knew” this was something he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

After many trainings and workshops, under the tutelage of master healer- teacher Chun Shim, he became a Qigong teacher and workshop trainer. After 9 years of practice, he moved on to learn other forms of energy work. He became a Reiki master-teacher, Tong Ren practitioner, studied with qigong master Robert Peng and shaman, Sandra Ingerman.  David has spent years studying the teachings of Ram Dass and has integrated what he has learned into his own life and his teachings, all with the intention to help guide others toward a healthier and happier life. 

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