Art & Spirit Watercolor Play Day with Melissa Harris

Melissa Harris

  • Due to coronavirus concerns, this workshop has been rescheduled for Saturday, August 29th. If you have already registered for the May 16th class we will be in touch shortly to see if you’d like to move your registration to August, or get a store credit or a refund.

In her Art and Spirit  workshops, Melissa combines her gift as an intuitive with her extensive background in painting to help you to work through creative blocks and learn or refine technique. Come and join a like-minded circle as you explore what wants to emerge from your inner world.  

All levels of experience are welcome from those who have never drawn or painted to experienced artists who find themselves blocked and or unable to connect with their passion.  The workshop is an excellent jump start.  You will be inspired and more easily able to motivate yourself in your own creative environment. Experience a newfound confidence in accessing your visions with a better ability to be able to execute them.

Students are encouraged to work with their own supplies if they have them (pastels, watercolor or acrylic are acceptable)- however all demos will be in watercolor. Melissa will supply more complete information on materials upon your registration. She will have some basic watercolor supplies on hand if you don’t want to invest for a materials fee of $5

You will leave with an understanding of materials and technique as well as meditative technique to open up your creative potential.

What folks are saying:

    Thank you for being a beautiful, funny, instructive and intuitive spirit guide creating a pathway to the portal beyond and easing my resistance to the energy and visions that want to use me to stream through. Your workshop got me started on a good path and helped me see the strong connection between my spiritual life and my creativity.  You'd think it would be obvious, but "knowing' something and actually "getting" it are two distinct processes for me.  Lin Ferrell    Richmond, VA

    “I absolutely love Melissa Harris and her “Painting Outside the Lines” workshop.  Melissa provides a safe and sacred haven for the journey. Whether you are a beginner or highly disciplined artist, you are supported with love and grace. Being in this atmosphere of creative support can open your heart to create and give you momentum to move forward, if you are willing to embrace the journey!”  Patty Neuman Tarrytown, NY

"In your instruction, you come from a place of great respect and love for each opening flower and freely give of your spiritual midwifery.  Others may talk of technique but without the spiritual connection there is not the vibrancy and inner stirring to join in the dance  You are certainly qualified to teach us all aspects of technique but go beyond that to light our inner flame."  Ruth Cook  Gloucester, MA  


Saturday, August 29
10:00 am-5:00 pm EST

Just Added

Melissa Harris

Melissa Harris

Melissa will offer the rare opportunity to sit for one of her famous Spirit Essence Portraits— an original watercolor portrait capturing your individual spirit essence. She tunes into you and following a psychic reading does a watercolor painting of your unique essence as she perceives it.

A Spirit Essence Portrait is a special gift to yourself to be used as a tool to bring you into stronger & clearer attunement with your Inner Being.  Receive the double benefit of learning what Melissa “sees” as well as owning a Melissa Harris original painting.  You may wish to commission Spirit Essence Portraits for special occasions such as wedding or anniversary gifts. Some commission yearly portraits as visual reminders and tools to honor their progress.  

Benefits of Portraits include:

  • Helps discover where you may need balance and/or clarity
  • Provides information to help with personal empowerment
  • Helps re-create your life/write your new story
  • Helps you to expand on your divinity

These portraits are ideal for couples as well. They include an individual reading for each person as well as a reading on the combined synthesis of your energies. Give a treat to you and your beloved.  

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