Awakening to Your Life Purpose: Discover Your Life Plan Weekend Workshop

Rob Schwartz

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  • Class runs 10 to 4 pm on Saturday, 10 to 2 pm on Sunday. There will be a lunch break on Saturday (we have menus from several nearby restaurants). There will be no lunch break on Sunday but light snacks will be provided or you may bring your own.
  • Course fee includes free attendance to Introductory Talk on Friday evening. 
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Before we are born, each of us plans the circumstances, relationships, and major challenges we will experience in our upcoming lifetime. Would you like to discover your life plan – a plan you yourself created before you were born? Would you like to gain great insight into the spiritual meaning and purpose of the relationships and challenges in your life? Join hypnotist and author Rob Schwartz for this illuminating, deeply healing, and life-changing weekend. 

We will focus on: 

  • Learning more about the plan you created for this lifetime  
  • Exercises to illuminate certain qualities you wanted to cultivate and express  
  • Developing a greater awareness which will empower you to expand the peace and joy in your life 
  • Participating in a hypnotic induction allowing you to contact a “deceased” loved one 
  • Experiencing a past life to give you greater insight into the plan for this current life. 

Saturday morning:  

Rob will lead the group in the Divine Virtues Exercise he developed. Before we are born, we plan great challenges for ourselves in part to develop certain qualities (Divine Virtues). This exercise illuminates the themes of your life – the Divine Virtues you as a soul wanted to cultivate and express in this lifetime.  

Most people planned to deepen in two or three of the virtues in their current lifetime. Once you know which virtues you are working on, you will see new and very healing meaning in past challenges, and you will be able to learn the lessons offered by future challenges in a much more conscious manner. This expanded awareness will empower you and assist you in finding understanding and, ultimately, greater peace and joy in life. 

Saturday afternoon:  

Rob will lead a hypnotic induction intended to allow workshop participants to contact a “deceased” loved one. Most people are able to distinctly sense the unique energy of the loved one, and many people receive a specific message as well. After the regression participants will have the opportunity to share their experience with the group. 


Rob will lead a group Between Lives Soul Regression (BLSR). In a BLSR you experience a past life that gives you insight into the plan for your current life. You then transition from the past life to the between-lives state – a safe, easy, and natural process – where you are greeted by one of your spirit guides. Your guide will then escort you to the Council of Elders, the wise, loving and highly evolved beings who oversee the cycle of reincarnation on Earth. 

The Council members know everything about you, including everything about all of your previous lives and your current lifetime. In your conversation with them, you may ask any questions you have on any subject, including your life plan and purpose, significant relationships, and the deeper spiritual meaning of any physical or emotional difficulties, as well as how to heal from those challenges. This is a very powerful and potentially life-changing experience. 

After the regression participants will have the opportunity to share their experience with the group.    

*You will by lying on the floor for hypnotic regressions. Please bring two yoga mats or one yoga mat and one blanket to put under you, plus another blanket to put over you; one or two pillows; and an eye mask or towel to put over your eyes.  Also, please bring a pen and a notebook  

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Saturday, April 10 -Sunday, April 11
10:00 am-2:00 pm EST

Rob Schwartz

Rob Schwartz

Rob Schwartz is a spiritual teacher and regression therapist specializing in Past-Life Soul Regressions and Between-Lives Soul Regressions. He is the author of the bestselling books Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born and Your Soul’s Gift: The Healing Power of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born. 

Translated into 22 languages, his books are based on research into people’s pre-birth plans through work with gifted mediums and channels. Through actual conversations between people and their future loved ones when they planned their lives together, they explain why people planned challenges such as physical and mental illness, poverty, “accidents,” the death of a loved one, having a disabled child, addictions, abusive relationships, disabilities, abortion, suicide, and other experiences. 

Rob teaches at the College of Psychic Studies in England, Findhorn in Scotland, International Institute of Integral Human Sciences in Canada, and other venues around the world. In the United States, he teaches at the International Conference on After Death Communications, Omega Institute, Kripalu Center, and the UN. 

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