Chakra Clearing & Balancing Guided Meditation

Ellen Bent



AvailableSeats: 500

Wednesday, December 7
7:00 pm-8:00 pm EST

Chakra Balancing is a form of energy healing that focuses on channeling energy into the seven main chakras. This is done by clearing imbalances, filling and balancing your energy centers. At the end of this session, Ellen will also clear your auric field and ground your energy leaving you relaxed and balanced.

When we talk about treating chakras we are referring to treating your energetic body. The body is not only made up of the physical body, we have an energy that extends beyond our physical wellbeing. Ellen will explain each Chakra and how they each function.

There are 7 main energy centers or chakras that run along the spine. These chakras bring in and emit energy which flows in our day to day lives. Each chakra relates to a different part of our life and being. In times of struggle or change, the energy can stop flowing freely and cause the chakra to become blocked or imbalanced.

The aim is to leave you feeling completely relaxed and refreshed with a great sense of calm and overall well-being. This is a perfect treatment for anyone wanting to maintain balance, wellbeing and energetic health.

Ellen Bent

Ellen Bent

Ellen’s healing work is heart based. All healing work takes place in a Sacred Space with Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters and the Angelic Realm. Healing occurs more easily when the client is in a relaxed state. 

With compassion and an open heart, Ellen will connect with spirit to bring insight and healing. Your energy holds all your beliefs, both positive and negative. Your thoughts help create your future. Clearing these energy channels allows you to move forward with ease and a path of emotional freedom. Releasing fear, loss, guilt and past experiences can help empower you to fulfill your goals and bring more happiness and joy into your life.

Walking your path in a healed state empowers you and brings about the changes you desire. We finish the session grounding your energy and balancing your Chakras.

Ellen has been on a spiritual path for many years. This inspired her to seek training as a Medium, Spiritual Intuitive, Certified Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, and Magnified Healing Practitioner. She has also been blessed to study with some of the leading Healers and Mediums in MA, NH, NJ, and visiting from the UK.

Continuing to attend advanced classes and workshops on a regular basis to strengthen her skills is important to Ellen. She also teaches healing classes and workshops in the local area and does mentoring for spiritual development and healing. Ellen possesses the spiritual responsibility to assist others by offering guidance necessary to promote   emotional healing and insight for her clients. Being a healer, her intuitive readings and messages are known to encourage hope, inner strength, and courage to face change for a positive direction.

There is not only one future for you, it is created with your desires, beliefs and lessons that are required for your spiritual growth. Together we will work to establish healthy beliefs to move toward your goals, insight about a relationship or seeking a spiritual direction. If you are new to spirituality, come with questions. Spiritual discussions are always welcome.

Connecting With Our Spirit Guides
Connecting With Our Spirit Guides: Jesus: Divine Guidance
Thursday, December 15 Online
7:00 pm-8:45 pm
In this monthly class, Ellen will lead a discussion and meditation about Spirit Guides to help learn, identify and connect with your team. Everyone has Guides and Animal Totems that walk with us in spirit during our lifetime, teaching and guiding us. Spirit Guides are spiritual allies that support us along our path.
Unpacking Your Grief
Unpacking Your Grief
Friday, December 2 Cancelled
6:30 pm-8:30 pm
Grief is a natural response to loss. It is the emotional suffering you feel when someone or some “thing” is taken away. Our goal is to provide a healthy place for discussion, sharing, learning and finding peace. We welcome you to join us, wherever you are in your grief, to share and learn some techniques together. You are not alone.

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