Deer Medicine Drum Building Workshop In-Person

JaneE King

  • This event is SOLD OUT. Please email us if you'd like to be on a WAIT LIST in case of cancellations. The $170 option that is available is only for those who have made an initial deposit to make their final payment due. 
  • This event is being held IN PERSON at Circles of Wisdom, Methuen, MA.  All participants will be required to sign a Liability Waiver Release Form if we don't already have one on file from a previous event. Please note you DO NOT need to print this form as we will have a copy for you to sign when you arrive. 
  • Our current policy is that face masks are optional for anyone attending an event or reading at Circles of Wisdom, regardless of vaccination status. We do request you wear a mask if not feeling well or visit us at another time. Policy is subject to change at any time. 
  • Drum DEPOSIT is due by 5/1/2022.

Medicine is spirit power. The power of spirit. The potency of the spirit of deer. Join us and build your own 15” Deer Medicine shaman style drum.

Travel to Deer through a guided inward journey where you will commune and communicate with deer receive your personal message from deer. Then you will instill your personal message through out the workshop process into your drum.

Medicine is spirit power.  The power of your spirit as well as the deer spirit. JaneE will guide you on a journey to the spirit of deer where you will receive a personal message deepening your relationship with your Deer Medicine Drum.

Ceremony is used to instill your spirit, your medicine, into your drum, creating a healing tool, a beautiful instrument as well as a piece of art.

The sacred process of birthing your own personal medicine drum immerses you deep into your primal self, potentially touching parts of you that may have been hidden in this lifetime. You make tactile contact with the animal through its hide, with the sacred wood hoop, with the water, air, earth, fire, and all our relations in this immersion.

Your heart has a knowing. Is it calling you to deer medicine?

Join JaneE King, Master Drum Builder/Energy Medicine Practitioner, your animal medicine guide in a day of peace, deepening into yourself as you birth/create your own Deer Medicine Drum.

This is a peaceful healing event.


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JaneE King

JaneE King

JaneE King, Founder of Medicine Drum LLC,  is a Certified Brennan Healer, a certified Hypnotist, Ordained Minister, earth ceremonialist and Educator with over 20 years experience teaching and practicing energy medicine.

She has facilitated Medicine Drum drum building workshops throughout the country since 1997. Jane E. King offers individualized healing sessions and life changing group programs utilizing the healing wisdom of the ancients. Her tools include drum, rattle, crystals, shamanic trance, singing bowl, human voice and many other esoteric tools as called upon by the energy field of the individual.

For more information please visit her website:  or you may contact her at 603-731-1646 or

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