Energy Protocols for Empaths & Practitioners

James Kawainui

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Do you feel:  

  • Overwhelmed in crowds? 
  • Tired after phone calls or meetings? 
  • Exhausted at the end of most days? 
  • Uncomfortable around certain people or strangers? 
  • Drained by your friends or family? 
  • Strange reactions in different environments? 

If you said yes to any of these - you are empathic. The reality is that we are ALL empathic on some level and we are all becoming more sensitive as Humanity’s consciousness continues to rise. Most people are unaware that they are continually taking on or giving off energy. Most of it is an unconscious action (or reaction) and is a part of everyday life. How do I know if what I’m feeling is mine is a question that most people don’t ask themselves. Little has been said or acknowledged about the effects of other people’s energy on our body and energy field. 

Join Native Hawaiian Healer James Kawainui as he helps you understand how to recognize where your energy ends, and other people’s energy begin. Using some of the techniques in his Healing Practice and Mentoring Program, James will leave you with a better sense of yourself and how to manage and maintain your Personal Energy Field in any situation, no matter who you are with or how big the crowd or group is. 

Learn 3 simple techniques to: 

  • Recognize your Personal Energy Field 
  • Learn how to stop being “invaded” by the people around you 
  • Become more grounded and in your body 

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James Kawainui

James Kawainui

James Kawainui is a Native Hawaiian Healer with roots deep in ancient Hawaii. Nineteen years ago, in a moment of clarity and awakening, James walked away from the “corporate world,” sold almost everything he owned and moved back to Hawaii.

Since then, he has studied with Traditional Hawaiian and New Zealand Maori healers and is the creator of a profoundly effective energy healing technique that facilitates transformation at the deepest core levels. This healing, based on ancient and modern medicine identifies and eliminates the causes of physical and emotional pain, and clears outdated generational programming so that the body can reset itself to its innate wisdom and Divine Natural Flow.

In addition to his in-person and remote healing work, James teaches and mentors practitioners and health care professionals in the components of Energy Protocols, Practices, and Guidelines. 

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