Experience the Wave: A Transformative Breathwork Session

With Love And Gratitude Team

  • You will be lying on your back with your eyes closed during The Wave. Please bring a pillow and blanket and anything else that will make you comfortable.  

The Wave is a unique, transformative process that awakens us to our inner healing capability. It is based on the yogic teaching that all of our experience is spiritual. With the Wave Work, you learn that it’s safe to be fully present in the moment with everything that shows up: emotions, sensations, memories, thoughts, and beliefs. 

Many of us have learned to deny or repress feelings that seem too much to bear. But in shutting down fear and pain, we also shut down wisdom and joy. Through practice of The Wave Work, you will discover how to rest in the natural flow of life by riding the waves of energy that arise within you. 

This program provides a supportive environment and coaching that empowers you to: 

  • Feel safe with your emotions 
  • Integrate your feelings rather than suppress or deny them 
  • Ground yourself in your body
  • Trust your inner knowing. 

This will be a quiet, inward session of self-realization through energetic work. It requires the desire and commitment to open inwardly, to trust and experience whatever may come up. Come encounter that gentle and beautiful space within that enhances your ability to live in full acceptance of "what is." 


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With Love And Gratitude Team

With Love And Gratitude Team

A team of dedicated light workers gather, each with their own special gifts, acting in unison for the sole purpose of uplifting the spirit. We gladly offer healing to all those who participate. When we gather, we are able to interact and connect  as ONE, focusing all that we offer for the purpose of creating well being on all levels and planes of existence: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

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