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Julie Rutkowski

  • This class will be offered online through a Zoom meeting. Please register at least an hour in advance. About an hour before class you will receive an emailed invitation with the login link and/or phone number. You do not need to have your own Zoom account. 
  • Save $48 when you purchase the complete series! You may register for each class individually or save by registering for the entire series.
  • Everyone who registers will receive a video replay link and an outline of the Power Point presentation after class.  You may register even if you can't make it live and watch the class later.

Certified Feng Shui practitioner Julie Pelletier-Rutkowski offers this eight-session monthly series that will teach the main principles of Feng Shui and how to apply them to your home. When honored, these principles provide a guideline on how even the most chaotic home can return to a place of peace and joy. 

Join us each month as we focus on specific areas of your home, share our space, techniques to apply and more! 

Session 1: Feng Shui Solution for a Peaceful Home Series: Chi Flow, February 3, 2022

Start your Feng Shui journey learning about the history of chi and how it applies to your home today. You can change the chi of your home by understanding what is good and healthy chi and what is harmful negative chi. Keep only the chi, or energy, that supports and nurtures you and your family.

Session 2: Feng Shui Solution for a Peaceful Home Series: Five Elements, March 3, 2022

What element is your chair and why is it important? Can you have too much red color in your home? What paint color works best in a space?  The five elements used in Feng Shui have a deeper meaning and purpose. You will learn how to use the five elements to either to weaken, enhance, or neutralize the energy in your home.

Session 3: Feng Shui Solution for a Peaceful Home Series: Bagua, April 7, 2022

The bagua is a powerful tool used in Feng Shui to locate the nine life areas. Join us to learn the details of each of the nine areas and what Feng Shui adjustments are needed for a peaceful home. Bonus! We will overlay the bagua to a floor plan to demonstrate how it is done and information that is revealed! If you want to purchase a Bagua you have two options, you can purchase at Circles of Wisdom -or on the Feng Shui Services of New England Etsy store.

Session 4: Feng Shui Solution for a Peaceful Home Series: Enhancements and Intentions, May 5, 2022

Sometimes a mirror is just a mirror, or it can be a Feng Shui enhancement!  We will look at the best placement of items and how to "power up" the chi in your home. You will understand how intentions play a role in the success of your peaceful home.

Session 5: Feng Shui Solutions for a Peaceful Home Series: Clutter and Space Clearing, June 2, 2022

This session is for those wishing they could do the impossible,wiggle their nose to magically rid their homes of clutter. Since that is impossible, learning the meaning of clutter and why it is causing a person to feel stuck and unmotivated will inspire participants to WANT to clean! This presentation is based on the principles of Feng Shui and understanding the relationship between people and the place they live.

Session 6: Feng Shui Solutions for a Peaceful Series: Front Door, Hallway, Entryway, Living Room and Dining Room, July 7, 2022

Why is your front door so important for protection, health and wealth? We will learn the many reasons our front door supports all that is within the home. We will learn how to welcome and nurture the chi coming into the home and eliminate chi that might be harmful to the homes balance and harmony.

Session 7: Feng Shui Solutions for a Peaceful Home Series: Kitchen, Principal Bedroom, Bathroom, August 4, 2022 

According to Feng Shui, the kitchen (stove) and master bedroom (bed) are two of the three most important areas in your home. We will discuss the kitchen layout and how to generate “money luck” for the entire family. You will learn how to create a bedroom where you wake feeling restored and relaxed ready to take on the day in a powerful and empowering way.

Session 8: Feng Shui Solutions for a Peaceful Home Series: Children’s bedrooms: Calming the Wild Things!, September 8, 2022

Calm the wild things in your child's bedroom! Use Feng Shui to create a safe, comfortable, and supportive space for your child. As a result, your child will sleep peacefully and have an opportunity to develop to his/her highest potential. This presentation is appropriate all parents of all children (under 18!).


Capacity: 500 / 500

Thursday, June 2
7:00 pm-9:00 pm EST

Clutter & Clearing

Capacity: 500 / 500

Thursday, July 7
7:00 pm-9:00 pm EST

Entry, Living & Dining Room

Capacity: 500 / 500

Thursday, August 4
7:00 pm-9:00 pm EST

Kitchen, Master & Bath

Capacity: 500 / 500

Thursday, September 1
7:00 pm-9:00 pm EST

Children's Room

Julie Rutkowski

Julie Rutkowski

Julie Pelletier-Rutkowski, MS, RN, is the owner and principal consultant for Feng Shui Services of New England.  She is a certified Feng Shui practitioner from the Grandmaster Lin Yun Feng Shui Certification Program®.  Julie earned Red Ribbon status through the International Feng Shui Guild and is an active member of the American Holistic Nurses Association.

She teaches, speaks and writes on the benefits of Feng Shui throughout New England.

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