Introduction to Angel Card Readings

Cathy Corcoran

Our Angels and Guides are only an invitation away!  Come learn to connect and communicate with your own spiritual team through the use of Angel oracle cards, guided meditations, and hands-on practice and protocols.  This experiential workshop will teach you how to interpret your cards in an accurate and healing way, as well as helping you to open your channels of intuitive awareness and Divine connection.  

Please bring a deck of Angel or other Oracle cards with you along with your open mind and heart!  All levels are welcome! You may also purchase from a variety of decks at Circles of Wisdom.

Please note:  It is best to choose decks that contain only brief messages.  No Tarot decks please, as they have a distinctly different protocol.


Sunday, June 9
1:00 pm-4:00 pm

Cathy Corcoran

Cathy Corcoran

Cathy Corcoran's work centers on connecting with the Light and the joy that resides within all of us in order to live to our fullest potential and highest enlightenment.  She does this through the merging of intuition, art, and mind-body-spirit healing.

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