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Come shop for yourself or others during this special trunk show during Circles’ extended Monday hours for holiday shopping. Digby often visits the Casa in Brazil and brings back powerful crystals and jewelry that have been blessed by John of God and the entities that work through him. This is some of the most powerful and highest vibration healing jewelry in the world. 

John of God is perhaps the most powerful healer on the planet at this time. He has helped more than 30 million people of all faiths and walks of life. The Casa De Dom Inacio is located in Abidiana Brazil and is a spiritual healing center open to all. The miracles performed by this humble man have been witnessed and experienced by millions, young, old, from peasants to the rich & famous. He’s been featured on Oprah’s shows several times. 

The Casa serves as a point of contact, a vortex of powerful energies that assist in transformation, healing and spiritual growth that is divine, miraculous and unlimited. The Casa crystals and stones carry the frequency of healing that John of God channels. Within them is the energy of unlimited possibility and transformation. These crystals used in the jewelry carry the frequency of healing that John of God channels. Many have received physical, spiritual and emotional healing from simply wearing the very high vibrational jewelry. Please see testimonials at and click on reviews. 

The Casa stones make all other crystals they are combined with 10 times more powerful. 

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Avalon Trading

Avalon Trading

At Avalon Trading Co. we offer the very best handcrafted Jewelry, produced by artisans from all over the world. Our products feature the most extensive collection of precious and semi-precious stones anywhere, including the world-renowned John of God Casa Crystals. We individually select every piece, so that you will only find the very best in Metaphysical and Holistic jewelry, all in one place. Much of which is made exclusively for us.

We have been in business for over 25 years, and have built our reputation on quality, customer service, and above all, a love of what we do. Please have a look around and check back often.  We are always adding new and one of a kind items to our site. If you have met us at one of our many trade-shows, and have questions about any items that were displayed, contact us for more information!

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