Medical Intuitive Group: Healing Experiential

Aaron and Sue Singleton

This evening event has been cancelled, but you may be interested in Aaron and Sue's next Medical Intuitive Group: Enchance Brain Health and Boost Your Memory, scheduled for Sunday, February 9. 

Aaron and Sue Singleton have the unique ability to work on hundreds of people simultaneously, both in-person and remotely, adjusting spinal and cranial bones, removing head traumas, detoxifying organs, calming the nerves, releasing pain and trauma, relieving migraines, sinus issues, repairing emotional hard-wiring, and much more!

This introductory group healing may provide helpful insights for healing your unique situation. Join the Singletons for an empowering opportunity to address YOUR Root Causes, including:

  • Trauma/injury from accidents (auto, bike, sports, etc.)
  • Falls (on the ice, down stairs, out of trees, etc.)
  • Surgeries, epidurals, and other invasive medical procedures
  • Trapped electricity (from e-stim, TENS device, etc.), Ultrasound or other forms of EMF
  • Strains and pulls, improper posture, spinal misalignments, scoliosis, etc.
  • Scar tissue and adhesions 
  • Viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens 
  • Stuck emotional patterns and blocked energy 
  • And much more!

Become one of the many who have received spontaneous healing with Aaron and Sue! You dont need to be ill or in pain to participate in this experiential. Simply relax, keep an open mind, and experience the ease, joy and fun of healing! Everyone receives the group healing.


This event has already occurred.

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Aaron and Sue Singleton

Aaron and Sue Singleton

Aaron and Sue Singleton are the founders of The Way to Balance, LLC® Center for Advanced Healing and Training in Amesbury, MA. The Singletons are widely recognized for their Medical Intuition and powerful Energy Of Life® (EOL) Integrative Healing Process, which promotes total healing of physical, emotional and spiritual manifestations of "dis-ease" by empowering clients to actively participate in regaining their own health. 

Sue and Aaron developed The Energy of Life® (EOL) Root Cause Model and Integrative Healing Process, as well as the EOL® Vibrational Tools for Healing product collection of cutting-edge tools of vibrational medicine for practitioners and self-help.  They are also the creators and teachers of many workshops and training series, including the EOL® I.D.E.A.L. (Intuit, Discern, Empower, Affirm, Live!) Process for Creating A Life You Love, EOL® Radical Hands-On Healing, EOL® Visionary Acupressure System, and Rings of Oden® Workshops. 

For nearly 30 years, the Singleton's highly evolved Medical Intuitive insights and their unique healing abilities, have allowed them to resolve back/neck/spinal/joint pain, headaches/migraines, concussions and other head injuries, emotional stress/anxiety, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, chronic and acute illness, and more. The Singletons are able to restructure the cerebro-spinal system, clear trauma, shock, toxins, work on brain hard-wiring, correct imbalances and incoherent frequencies, and to facilitate emotional and spiritual healing for clients, both remotely and in-person, and on hundreds of people simultaneously. Their vast experience and success with Remote Healing sessions help clients all over the U.S. and internationally, including Asia, Europe, the U.K., Africa, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand to lead healthier and more productive lives by resolving a full array of recent or chronic conditions. Their consistent results greatly increased demand for their unique alternative healing services and their exclusive EOL® Tools for Transformation and Healing. 

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