Meditation and Healing Circle

Lynne McDonald



AvailableSeats: 60

Sunday, April 23
1:00 pm-3:00 pm EST

  • Please bring whatever makes you comfortable. We will be seated but if you prefer to lay down please bring a yoga mat, pillow, throw, etc.

Living your life aligned with love and a sense of peace and fulfillment is a choice. Although it sometimes feels challenging, there are many tools available to help us retrain our brains to see the miracles around us and to live with an open heart. Through meditation and other ancient and modern practices, we can expand our relationship with our soul, gain a greater awareness of who we are are and live our lives with the greatest potential. 

Join us each month as we come together to meditate, raise our vibration and deepen our connection within and with Spirit. We will practice connecting with our intuition and with the abundant life force energy. As a group, we will raise each other’s energy which only amplifies your own experience. This connection to higher vibrational energy opens the door to so much more! As you release and let go, you will discover a better connection with your soul and open yourself up to a world of opportunity and healing.

The benefits of meditation, as well as connecting energetically and intuitively with others, is one of the greatest ways to heal yourself. When you do your own healing, you help to heal the world around you. We will explore simple ways to self heal and how to maintain higher energy levels. As you learn to become more aligned and balanced, you will attract more of what you want in your life. Subsequently, living with gratitude starts to feel like a natural process.

Come join us for uplifting experience where we practice together and explore the benefits of meditation and different healing modalities. Wherever you are on your spiritual quest, I am excited to create this space for you and to guide you on a soul inspired journey.


Lynne McDonald

Lynne McDonald

Lynne spent many years in the corporate world and, like many people, was seeking more meaning and purpose in her life. Through a yoga class, she found clarity of mind and this new awareness led to diving deeper into meditation. In this quiet space, she discovered the many ways in which we can free ourselves of old patterns and limiting thoughts in order to live a fuller and more peaceful life.

Over the past 10 years, Lynne has been dedicated to sharing the benefits of yoga, meditation and mindfulness to others by leading community workshops and healing circles. In 2019, she started a corporate meditation group for the employees at Eastern Bank, which continues today. The feedback was astounding and she realized her soul life purpose was to help people find the quiet within themselves which leads to living a life with greater awareness of self and the world around us.

Lynne combines her vast professional experience along with her training as a Master Reiki teacher, Certified Yoga Instructor and Spiritual teacher into a wholistic method which she applies to her one on one and group sessions. 

“I believe there are lots of people yearning for a sense of freedom and purpose in their lives. In a world that sometimes feels full of fear, anxiety and worry, I want to help people shift their perspective and trust that there is a way to live their lives aligned with love vs fear. I want to help them raise their own vibrational energy so they can make remarkable changes in their lives.” - Lynne McDonald, Spiritual Teacher & Healer

Meditation Group
Meditation Group
Thursday, April 6 In-Person
6:30 pm-7:45 pm

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