FREE Messages Meant for You: A Channeling Event

With Love And Gratitude Team

11th Annual Charity Event for Debbie's Treasure Chest 

  • Space still available. Many have canceled due to the weather, so if you are local and able to join us we'd love to see you at the event today! 
  • This year we will be collecting donations of winter hats, gloves, mittens and any gently used clothing for adults and children. Monetary donations will also be accepted for Debbie’s Treasure Chest
  • Debbie’s Treasure Chest. Their mission is to create opportunities for children in the Merrimack Valley to reach their potential and to help low income families access resources. Their warehouse in Lawrence allows these families to come and get clothing and other necessities. Their work also includes the Susan Paul Sirkman Leadership Program for middle and high schoolers to have opportunities to give back to the community and help support the disadvantaged. Circles of Wisdom looks forward to supporting their toy and coat drives in the future as well.

This is a Free event: A Holiday gift from Circles of Wisdom and With Love and Gratitude

DEFINITION: Channelers, also sometimes known as psychic mediums, often use what are called "spirit guides," friendly spirits who give them knowledge and help them on their spiritual journeys. 

The intention of this session is to create an environment so that each individual can reverberate with unconditional love. The With Love and Gratitude team will be sending out penetrating HEALING energies while Cris consciously channels Quan Yin. With the room enveloped in pulsations of compassion, Kim, Cris and Leslie will channel direct messages from your Spirit Guides. All together, we will reach out to those who surround us with total and complete acceptance and receive communications to nourish us on this earth realm.

  • Kimberley Dunsmore: A practicing Psychic/ Medium. She is able to expand the light and help others feel and embrace the loving qualities the light
  • Cris Perro: Connects with the energy of Love to bring messages and healing from her heart to your heart.
  • Leslie Gabriele: An "energetic catalyst" who is guided in the moment, without any attachment.
  • With Love and Gratitude: A team of dedicated light workers, each with their own special gifts, acting in unison for the sole purpose of uplifting the spirit. The team works in the moment without attachment or judgment, to heal and bring peace, harmony and joy and to all they encounter.

Space is limited - be sure to register early!  Please contact Circles of Wisdom (978( 474-8010 if you have any questions.

This is a free event!

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With Love And Gratitude Team

With Love And Gratitude Team

A team of dedicated light workers gather, each with their own special gifts, acting in unison for the sole purpose of uplifting the spirit. We gladly offer healing to all those who participate. When we gather, we are able to interact and connect  as ONE, focusing all that we offer for the purpose of creating well being on all levels and planes of existence: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

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