Monthly Astrology Insights with Dorothy Morgan

Dorothy Morgan

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Come and join the conversation! Each month Dorothy leads this group as she reviews the astrological influences for the upcoming month. This discussion is a more in-depth interactive demonstration of her monthly video forecasts.

If you are an Astrologer and would like practice reading the transits of the month, please join us as we look into how this affects you. If you are someone who is just wondering what the month will bring and you want a heads up, you are welcome to join us as well.

These monthly forecasts are not personal readings but a comprehensive look at the overall energy forecast for the upcoming Astrological month.  


Wednesday, November 13
7:00 pm-8:30 pm

Wednesday, December 11
7:00 pm-8:30 pm

Dorothy Morgan

Dorothy Morgan

Dorothy Morgan is a Master Astrologer and Personal Consultant with over 27 years’ experience consulting as well as teaching a wide variety of subjects relating to Astrology. 

Dorothy has a deep understanding of her own life path and purpose as an Astrologer. This insight allows her to assist you in gaining greater understanding of your own life path as well as inspire you to take the steps you need to follow your own life purpose. 

Consultations are easy to understand and practical, keeping the astrology jargon to a minimum, allowing you to gain a better understanding. 

As a teacher, Dorothy is practical, logical and we always have a lot of fun in her classes. She uses her sense of humor and Gemini wit to make a complex tool easier to learn and understand.

Dorothy is also a highly skilled intuitive, Reiki Master/Teacher and Angel Healing Practitioner.

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Astrology, Angel, Life Path, Soul Purpose, Intuitive Readings with Dorothy (Anona) Morgan
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Astrology, Angel, Life Path, Soul Purpose, Intuitive Readings with Dorothy (Anona) Morgan
July 27, 2015 | Catherine M.

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