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Laura Lee Perkins

Most of us struggle with some kind of fear. Fear holds enormous power because it focuses our attention and makes us ready for action. Fear is also a great manipulator, often used to form allegiances and political movements. But psychology tells us that 90% of our daily waking thoughts are fear-based about things that are never going to happen.Fear touches the most tender, vulnerable and deeply personal parts of us. Fear can be very destructive when we allow ourselves to become stuck in the fear, but it can also be a strong motivator. Upon close examination, we discover that the source of most fears rests within our society, politics and religions. This class will take a light-hearted approach to this topic while offering simple ways to reduce the presence of fear in our lives.


Thursday, May 30
7:00 pm-9:00 pm

Laura Lee Perkins

Laura Lee Perkins

Laura Lee Perkins, BME, MS, CM has authored 7 books, 150+ published articles, 5 professional CDs, 3 audio-books.  Recipient of 13 grants and 5 artist residencies, Laura is a Chicken Soup for the Soul: Hope & Miracles author.

Laura and her flute-maker husband Kenneth Green, CH own WHITE OWL PRODUCTS (everything needed to learn to play Native American Flute). Laura teaches 60 spiritually-based classes a year to 5,000+ people in ME, MA, NY, AZ and laughter echoes down the hall from her Gallery Readings. Laura is described as extremely motivational, highly intuitive, fun, caring and clear. 

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