Open Ended Jewelry Design Trunk Sale

Diane Cote Tellier

Join us Saturday, June 30th as we welcome Diane Tellier who is bringing some of the beautiful and unique jewelry pieces that she has been providing us here at Circles of Wisdom for over 15 years! Her jewelry, pendulums, cloth bags and more have been a customer favorite since the beginning.  

Open Ended Jewelry is Diane's own design! She created it to be versatile. Leaving all of the ends open, and interconnecting pieces, makes the possibilities endless. Put your own combinations together or Diane can help you choose what's best for you. Diane's open ended design allows for endless possibilities with each piece and uses a variety of crystals designed to hold the good vibes!  

In addition, if you currently own a piece of jewelry you’d like redesigned, please bring it with you! Join us for our Winter Psychic Fair and come browse through the wide selection of beautiful pieces while you wait!

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Diane Cote Tellier

Diane Cote Tellier

Diane's jewelry, pendulums, and cloth bags, have been available at Circles of Wisdom, for over 15 years. She also previously performedAura readings for the first seven years.

In addition Diane is a licensed Massage Therapist, and Reiki Master Teacher. Her jewelry is designed to hold the good vibes.

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