Reclaiming Your Feminine Fire: A Woman's Path to Being a Warrior of Light New

Diana Harris

Every Woman that steps into her Power and Light helps to heal the women that came before and those that follow. ~ Love, Diana 

Are you yearning for something more? Do you feel an inner shift or a calling? If so, this is the class for you! There is no doubt that the Feminine is on the rise. She is pushing Her way through the cracks in the concrete to bring us into greater awareness. This Circle is for women who are ready to grow beyond the cultural spells that diminish our Power and Light. We will learn:

  • How to deepen your relationship with your Feminine Wisdom and trust it
  • How to identify/heal our social conditioning so that we may walk our Truth 
  • Practices to help process through issues of worth, love, and owning our personal power 
  • Practical steps to experiencing greater harmony and to creating a Soulful life!

Join us for a day of joyful learning as we reconnect to our Feminine Wisdom. She is known by many names: The Goddess, the Female Spiritual Warrior, the Divine Feminine, and more. Her essence is Love.

Please wear comfortable clothing. We will also do a meditation to heal and rekindle our Fire. This will be followed by some gentle movements to align us with our Wisdom. Our day will close in ceremony to celebrate our stepping into our Power. Looking forward to a day of shared sisterhood, Light, and empowerment!  


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Diana Harris

Diana Harris

Diana Harris is a nationally recognized psychic medium, intuitive counselor, author, and wisdom teacher. She is frequently sought for the accuracy of her intuitive services, mediumship abilities, and dynamic workshops. Diana has a deep connection to Mother Earth and works with her Wisdom Keepers.

Through her speaking engagements, media interviews, and published work  – Ms. Harris has touched the hearts of thousands. Some have dubbed Diana, the “Happy Medium” because she brings much Light and Joy to her work.  She has been featured on DiggRadio Boston, WBZ, Explore Your Spirit, Hawaii’s Inspiration Radio and others.

In Feb 2011, her short stories were published in the book, Love Like God.  Ms. Harris has a growing list of national and international clients. She is currently working on a solo book project. It is due out in 2019.  Learn more about Diana at:

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