The Energetic Dimension Book Launch Event FREE

Ann Drake

Join local author and shamanic practitioner Ann Drake for her new book launce, book signing, and reading from her new book, The Energetic Dimension: Understanding our Karmic, Ancestral and Cultural Imprints.

Ann will be available from 1 to 2 pm as she discusses her book, signs copies and answers any questions.  Immediately following this free event she will be holding a unique workshop: from 2-4pm  The Book signing & reading event is free of charge. Workshop cost: $30 

Light refreshments will be served and copies of Ann’s new book will be available for purchase.

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Ann Drake

Ann Drake

By Western training, Ann Drake is a clinical psychologist. By Eastern training, she apprenticed with an indigenous shaman from Malaysian Borneo for over 20 years. Ann has devoted herself to the study and practice of shamanism and to forging a clinical synthesis of shamanism and psyche. 

In addition to her healing and teaching practice, Dr. Drake has authored many articles and two books - Healing of the Soul: Shamanism and Psyche; and most recently, The Energetic Dimension: Understanding Our Karmic, Ancestral and Cultural Imprints.

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