The Magic of Healing Mantras Online Class

Gerri DeSimone

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Learn to use the Sacred Sounds of Mantras for Healing, Creativity and Spiritual Well-Being.

What are mantras?

Mantras are the repetition of words and phrases of special significance, and can be repeated either out loud or internally. All of the spiritual paths have some version of mantra practice.  A few well known examples include; Hinduism with the Gayatri mantra, Buddhists practice the Om Mani Padme Hum, and in Christianity there is the Jesus Prayer.  Mantras have very powerful energetic medicine.

How Do Mantras Work?

Mantra's work with both Sound and Vibration. By saying a mantra you are literally tuning yourself to resonate at the same vibrational frequency as God, or the specific deity associated with that mantra, or the healing power or intention of that mantra. Sound is a form of vibration. In fact, everything in the universe vibrates at a certain frequency. Thus, by repeating a mantra we introduce the vibrational frequency of that mantra into ourselves, so that we, too, begin to resonate with the words and vibration of the mantra. 

The power of mantras comes from their direct vibrational effect on our body’s physiological and energetic systems. These sacred sounds can encourage very real changes in both your inner and outer worlds. There are specific mantras used to clear your mind, dispel fear, break unhealthy habits, enhance your creativity and intensify any meditation practice.

During this class you will learn about the mantra practice and chant specific mantras for removing hidden obstacles, attracting abundance, health, love, the things we desire in our lives.


Friday, June 19
7:30 pm-8:30 pm EST

Gerri DeSimone

Gerri DeSimone

Gerri Shanti DeSimone is an accomplished and well-respected spiritual teacher and author who feels inspiring others to “Find Peace Within” is her true purpose. Drawing upon her expertise as a Spiritual Medium, her skills in the practice of Native American and Incan Shamanism, Meditation and Mantra practices, as well as drawing upon Auric Record Clearing, the Guidance of The Divine Light and a variety of other healing methods, she offers her students a wide range of opportunities to Find Peace Within.

Gerri has a formal background in education, with a M. Ed. and B. of Music Education, which has given her an excellent foundation in allowing her students the freedom to think “outside the box” and discover their own truths. Gerri currently facilitates several Spiritual and Psychic Development Support groups offering assistance and guidance to others on their path.

Because of her commitment to Finding Peace Within she has released four Meditation CDs, “The Seeds of Awakening”, “Find Peace Within”, “Love and Light” and “Auric Record Clearing”. These works were inspired from channeled messages, which led to the creation of these inspirational and transformative meditation CDs.

Gerri has also written three books, Reflections of the Sun, The Spiritual Psychic Development Support Guidebook and The Lessons and Meditations from The Stars. All of these offer insights and guidance meant to assist you on your spiritual path.

In addition to her teaching commitments, Gerri is also an incredibly gifted Medium and Healing practitioner who offers her clients a wealth of services including Spiritual/Mediumship readings, Shamanic Auric Record Clearing sessions, and Energetic Space Clearing. She has also appeared on several local radio shows offering insight into the many ways we may Find Peace Within.

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Divine Light Energy Vortex:Winter Solstice Event
September 16, 2017 | Nancy Tanzella

Blessed and Grateful to experience this Sublime class at Circles. Healing and Blissful, an uplifting amplification above the traveled "what you think is reality" perception.... to being immersed in Magnificence. Do not think - just experience for yourself...and receive what is needed to shine from where you truly reside. When is the next scheduled class... My higher self wants to sign up.

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