Waiting - The Sacred Quivering of the Soul

Laura Lee Perkins

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Do you find yourself asking – Why is this happening? What am I supposed to learn from this situation? This class offers tips to help you move through life's problems. 

Life is about soul-making, which requires creativity in how we respond to challenges. Illness, a loved one’s drug use, death, betrayal, suicide and more cause us to feel completely derailed, raw and emotionally paralyzed. Some crises are multi-layered and involve many people. Whatever the dilemma, we’re often in a quandary. Should we act or should we wait until things settle down? Some problems linger, testing us for months or even years. We yearn to respond, but we don’t know what to do when our prayers seem to go unheard. But when the sacred quivering of the soul begins, you’re onto something truly remarkable.        


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Laura Lee Perkins

Laura Lee Perkins

Laura Lee Perkins, BME, MS, CM has authored 7 books, 150+ published articles, 5 professional CDs, 3 audio-books.  Recipient of 13 grants and 5 artist residencies, Laura is a Chicken Soup for the Soul: Hope & Miracles author.

Laura and her flute-maker husband Kenneth Green, CH own WHITE OWL PRODUCTS (everything needed to learn to play Native American Flute). Laura teaches 60 spiritually-based classes a year to 5,000+ people in ME, MA, NY, AZ and laughter echoes down the hall from her Gallery Readings. Laura is described as extremely motivational, highly intuitive, fun, caring and clear. 

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