Morning Mediumship Practice Group

Rose Retelle

  • Please Note: All students must be committed and pre-registered by Tuesday PM for Thursday AM class.  
  • This group meets on a weekly basis, every Thursday from 10 to 12 pm.  

This weekly gathering is open to all who want to more deeply explore and grow their connections to the dearly deceased. It is an ongoing group in which we practice technique and have an open forum of discussion to address concerns, issues and struggles you may be experiencing on your journey.

Not only is this a great practice opportunity, but for those who are not yet sure if this is your path, you are welcome to attend and experiment to see if this is for you. Your intuition will continue to grow stronger as you participate in the group.


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Rose Retelle

Rose Retelle

Rose is a gifted Psychic, Medium, and Healer who has been practicing for almost two decades. Born with her gift, she connects with your Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters as she brings forth messages with love and compassion.  

Adopted into a strongly religious family Rose learned a great deal about having faith at an early age. Initially resistant to her mediumship abilities it was this faith that eventually led her towards acceptance of her amazing gift. As she began to understand the value in sharing these messages and in how it revealed the continuity of life, as well as how it empowered her clients, she began to fully embrace her work.  

Rose has had extensive training with a wide variety of world-renowned Psychic Medium’s, both from this country as well as the United Kingdom. She actively participates in several local ongoing groups on a regular basis and has performed in many successful Gallery events to an ever-growing audience.  Rose has also received extensive training as a Shamanic Healer as she brings this healing energy into each of her sessions.  In addition, Rose can also be heard each Tuesday at 8 pm on her bi-weekly radio show “Soul Circle with Laura and Rose” on Blog Talk Radio.

Most importantly, her messages, whether psychic or medium, are all set with the intention for each client to find healing and enlightenment.  Rose feels honored to be a messenger for those in Spirit, with a strong desire to help her clients experience the love and compassion from their deceased loved ones.  Her psychic readings are extremely informative and have helped hundreds find clarity and enlightenment as they move forward to follow their life path and fulfill their purpose.

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