Gong Experience

Ed Cleveland

Ed Cleveland teaches Reiki and Sound Therapy with Gongs, Singing Bowls and other Indigenous Sound Instruments.  He combines this with Cognitive Neuroscience, Neuromusicology and Psychophysiology which has been passed down from classes taught by Mitch Nur.  

Acoustic Designer of Soundscapes using the high, low, ascending, descending pitch, intervals, and inversion, thick, and thin in harmony with crescendo, or diminuendo’s to open the imagination and intellect.  

Ed has extensively studied in his field with an impressive list of accomplishments and certifications in this practice. 

Workshops with Ed

The Gong Experience

The Gong Experience

Friday, October 25
7:00 pm-8:30 pm


A gong journey is where participants assimilate in a relaxing position so that they can allow the healing sound vibrations of the gong to pass over them bringing a sense of overall peace and ease. Invest in yourself and join us for an experience you'll never forget!