Rose Neves-Grigg

Rose Neves-Grigg

Hailing from the land of John of God, Goiás, Brazil Rose first realized her calling at the tiny age of three and a half.  She would communicate and interact through her innate spiritual connections. Growing and becoming more erudite with the contacts she honed her abilities. Learning the responsibilities that she carries she began to delve more deeply in the lessons of her Guides; thus beginning her path and following her calling.  Rose is an active Daughter of the Casa of Dom Incacio de Loyola.

A Brazilian-American Social Worker/teacher, she has been involved with the community in both public service and private practice all of her life. She has taught in public and private schools for twenty years.  During that time Rose has dedicated her life to studying, working, training, traveling and learning varied religious and natural practices and techniques to refine her ability to guide and assist others.

Her non-traditional training includes; Hypnotherapy, Barbara Brennan, Past Life Regression, Rebirthing Breathing Techniques by Leonard Orr, Hinduism, Buddhism, Kardec philosophy, Feng Shui, Self-Healing, Meditation, Yoga, Reiki, Chakras Therapy, Yoga Therapy by Anodea Judith, Native American Shaman practices.  Traditional education; a graduate of the Pontificia Universidade Catolica de Goias (PUC) (Catholic Pontificia University of Goias), Brazil and Framingham State University (FSU).  She is certified via the National Guild of Hypnotists.

Rose takes a personal approach toward life and is consistently working to build a society of tranquility and peace where we can find and live in our true being absent division or prejudice.  A spiritualist, founded on a belief in Christ, Rose has developed rare spiritual hypotheses that allow her the processes to guide clients toward identifying themselves while jointly applying therapeutic methods to achieve individual goals without losing themselves in the process. Balanced through education and in-tune with the Spirit.  Rose is trilingual (English, Portuguese and Spanish) and offers services to all.

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