An Afternoon of Mediumship & Spirit Art

Rita Berkowitz,Lori Sheridan,Laura Wooster



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Join spirit artist Rita Berkowitz and evidential mediums Laura Wooster and Lori Sheridan for a special afternoon of spirit art and mediumship. This in-person event will be a memorable afternoon, as Rita draws spirit portraits and mediums Laura and Lori deliver uplifting messages of love and comfort from the Other Side. Share in an afternoon of hope, healing, and powerful validations that love and life are eternal.
Please note that purchasing a ticket for the event does not guarantee a reading. 

Rita Berkowitz

Rita Berkowitz

Rev. Rita S. Berkowitz has impressed large audiences throughout the world by drawing portraits of loved ones from the higher side of life. She is the author of "Empowering Your Life with Angels" and co-author of "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Communicating with Spirits" which has recently been reprinted as "Communicating with Spirits."

Rita has both studied and taught at the Arthur Findlay College in Essex England, as well as lectured and demonstrated in colleges, New Age Centers and Spiritualist Churches in the United States and Canada. She is an Ordained Minister in the Spiritualist Church and the pastor of the First Spiritualist Church of Quincy in Massachusetts. She is also a Certified Medium and has completed a Master of Science in Psychological Counseling. Learn more: www.RitaBerkowitzArt.com


Lori Sheridan

Lori Sheridan

Lori Sheridan is a professional psychic medium and spiritual teacher who is dedicated to helping others make healing connections through mediumship. Her ability to deliver extremely evidential messages of love and comfort from the Other Side has touched individuals and audiences of all sizes. 

As a young adult Lori felt called to further explore mediumship and the psychic arts. Devoted to unfolding these gifts, she has studied with several highly respected teachers in England and the United States. Lori is an ordained Spiritualist Minister and the founder of Hope Ethereal, a spiritual center in Norwell, Massachusetts where she sees clients privately and teaches.

She hopes to uplift and encourage others to grow in their relationship with spirit, trusting the wisdom of their soul and living a life they love. Lori is passionate about evidential mediumship and strives to validate with integrity and compassion that love, and life, continue after death.  Learn more: www.LoriSheridanMedium.com

Laura Wooster

Laura Wooster

Laura Wooster is an Intuitive Medium, Teacher, Reiki Practitioner, and host of The Intuitive Life program on Unity Radio. On her journey of 17 years, she has studied with top teachers in her field from New England, NJ, NY, and the UK.

With a calm and supportive presence, Laura offers private Intuitive sessions to help you become the person you are meant to be while honoring where you are today. In addition, she offers private Mediumship sessions that offer peace in the awareness that your departed loved ones are still present.

Laura facilitates intuitive / psychic development classes and ongoing monthly development circles in New England. 

"It’s an honor to be present in a room when a loved one in Spirit reaches out to those who are missing them. I’m only an interpreter for the process - because the language of spirit isn’t necessarily like ours. They communicate through energy. And I’ve learned over time to interpret the message they are trying to get across. Which ultimately is that they are still very much present in our lives...

Also my goal isn’t necessarily to convince anyone of what I believe to be true - that we continue to exist after we’ve left this world. But at the very least, it opens the door for people to consider something more. It can be life changing for some."  - Laura Wooster | Intuitive Medium & Teacher

For more information go to www.laurawooster.com

Spirit Messengers: An Evening of Mediumship & Spirit Art
Spirit Messengers: An Evening of Mediumship & Spirit Art
Thursday, June 1 In-Person
7:00 pm-9:00 pm
Join Psychic Medium & Spirit Artist Joseph Shiel and Intuitive Medium Laura Wooster for a special evening of spirit connections! This will be a memorable event as Joe and Laura deliver messages of love and comfort from the Other-Side. 

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