Change Your Handwriting to Change Your Life

Diane Pienta



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  • Please bring your favorite pen (a color other than black), unlined journal and curiosity.  No previous writing or other experience needed.  All are welcome!  

Join us for this uplifting, practical and fun session to shift our negative patterns of thinking to positive through our pens.  By learning and practicing the Vimala handwriting system, based on Sacred Geometry, we’ll understand how the way we form our letters is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves, our lives and the world.  Each letter has a specific energy and soul quality and when we know how to work with these energies, we can generate positive thoughts and actions.  Learn how to access this guidance, along with fun facts like how the first letter of your first name can show you your greatest gift, and, greatest challenge!

Our thinking patterns show up in our handwriting. When we write by hand, we form pathways in our nerves, establishing habits of thinking about the world and our place in it. By changing our handwriting patterns, we can re-wire our brains so we’re more creative, courageous, loving and peaceful. 

Based on Vimala Rodgers work and book, “Change your Handwriting to Change your Life”, Diane will lead you in a fun and transformative workshop to release self-sabotaging attitudes and bring in ones that are personally fulfilling!

Diane Pienta

Diane Pienta

Diane is a writer, artist, creativity mentor and forest therapy guide who loves to help others see and share their own unique Magic and Light through spiritual tools of all types. 

She intuitively weaves Nature, Art, Sound, Movement and Writing in her work and believes accessing one’s gifts and sharing them with the world is a pathway to peace, purpose and healing. 

Having worked in the business world for two decades, a cancer diagnosis, chronic infections and subsequent adrenal burnout redirected her to a spiritual and alternative path of healing.  She credits the power of Nature, Creativity, Energy Medicine, Sound and Spirituality with her health and loves to share so that others can live a vibrant, joyful life.

She’s spent the last 20 years experiencing, studying and sharing numerous healing modalities…a Level 4 Spring Forest Qigong practitioner and practice leader, certified in Level 2 herbalism through the Boston School of Herbal Studies, studying with beloved clairvoyant teacher and counselor Ellen Tadd and numerous years with Martin Prechtel at his NM school Bolad’s Kitchen. She is currently an ongoing sound healing student of Jeralyn Glass, a yogi and JourneyDance apprentice.  As a writer, she uses words to heal and offer peace. She loves and honors the land deeply and is devoted to help others reclaim their connection to this magical world. She gives great thanks to all of her teachers, seen and unseen.  

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Be the Magic
Diane Pienta