Create a Map of Your Desires In-Person

Heather Maguire

  • This event is being held IN PERSON at Circles of Wisdom, Methuen, MA. All participants will be required to sign a Liability Waiver Release Form if we don't already have one on file from a previous event. Please note you DO NOT need to print this form as we will have a copy for you to sign when you arrive. 
  • Our current policy is that face masks are optional for anyone attending an event or reading at Circles of Wisdom, regardless of vaccination status. We do request you wear a mask if not feeling well or visit us at another time. Policy is subject to change at any time. 

What do you desire in your life? How amazing would it be to have a map to guide you there?

You can create that map! You can guide yourself towards that life. We’ll l start with a simple question, how do you want to feel? The answer to that question is the key to creating a map that will guide you through the stuck places in your life and bring you into flow. Leave your planner at home, this is not about figuring out what, when, and how to do it. You will be journaling, envisioning, and feeling your way through this process. 


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Heather Maguire

Heather Maguire

Having been intuitive her whole life, Heather has always been fascinated by the connections between people and the conversation beneath the conversation. She enjoys helping people uncover their own intuitive abilities and understand themselves at the soul level. "You're not broken. You're not an accident. Who you are is who you are meant to be. You have permission to love your whole self!"

Sitting in her very first development, Heather was amazed to discover that her body was able to bring forward thoughts, feelings and images that were actually highly accurate and insightful messages. Even more surprising was the discovery that when she shared these messages, people often experienced profound changes and healing. 

Heather loves supporting people in the process of opening to their intuitive gifts. Her readings encourage you to believe in yourself and remind you of what you already know your meant to do.

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