Exploring Mediumship & Trance: 5 Week Series*SOLD OUT* Limited Space

Lauren Rainbow

  • Class size is limited and online registrations are turned off. We have one spot left. Call us at 978-474-8010 to see if it's still available for you! 
  • Class dates: Tuesdays - 4/16, 4/23. 5/7, 5/14, 5/21 *Tuesday, 4/30 there is no meeting  

Explore Deeper States of Spirit Connection.  Immerse yourself in the love of Spirit, during this special five-week journey with Medium and Spiritual Teacher Lauren Rainbow.  

During this series you will explore many ways our departed loved ones connect and communicate with us beyond the aspects of mental mediumship. During this series you will learn to deepen your connection with the Spirit world through with mental mediumship and trance mediumship development techniques.  

  • Experience meditations for deepening your connection with spirit.  
  • Participate in exercises for mediumship development.  
  • Come to understand how the Spirit World works with us on an energetic level, bringing us support, love and healing.  

Lauren brings the energy of joy and heart-centered awareness to all her teachings. It is ideal if you have worked with Spirit before to get the best benefit of this class as this is not a beginner’s workshop. 

You will take away a life changing experience that will empower you to allow Spirit to be a part of your life in all ways!  


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Lauren Rainbow

Lauren Rainbow

Lauren Rainbow is a Medium with over a decade of experience communicating with the other side. Lauren brings the energy of joy and heart-centeredness to her work. She considers it a great blessing to open the hearts of those in grief and empower them to find complete joy in their lives.

Lauren has released two powerful meditation CD’s: “Connect with your Guides” and “The Centered Heart” for healing and empowerment. She is also a certified alternative healer in many modalities including Usui Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, Alchemical Healing and more.

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Advancing Your Mediumship 5-Week Course
January 22, 2018 | SL

Lauren is a fantastic teacher. She takes the time to understand & listen, meanwhile taking the approach to correct and bring you back to self center.

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