Feng Shui, Room by Room: Transforming Your Home into a Sanctuary

Natalia Kaylin

Join Natalia as she takes you on a feng shui tour of the home. This workshop is a product of love and the experience of working with homes and helping people create supportive, harmonious and successful spaces.  

Starting at the front entrance, Natalia will share examples of feng shui design elements for each room. Through learning how to apply feng shui principles of Yin Yang, Five Elements and Bagua you will discover the power of color, the impact of artwork, the influence of placement and much more.  As our journey through the home unfolds, you will find out how your environment can contribute to success or troubles, good or difficult relationships, vitality or stress, and happiness or dissatisfaction. You will learn how to consciously design your space to support your goals, and experience how elements of feng shui design can transform an ordinary room into a sanctuary.

Materials include numerous success stories, case studies, before and after photos and handouts. The workshop is suited for beginners as well for people who want to deepen their study of feng shui. 


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Natalia Kaylin

Natalia Kaylin

Natalia Kaylin is a Feng Shui expert in the Boston area. She advises on aspects of architecture, design and placement. Her specialty is creating inspiring and supportive environments that promote creativity, personal growth, prosperity and wellbeing.

Natalia consults in person throughout New England and periodically takes on projects in other states and abroad. She also does long distance consultations worldwide.

Natalia has an MS in Physics. Her passion for Eastern Esotericism combined with a love of science gives her a modern, well-rounded approach. Her consultations are very personalized, as she works with people of different cultures and different backgrounds.   

For more articles and feng shui tips check out her website http://www.nataliakaylin.com/ and blog http://www.nataliakaylin.com/blog/

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