FREE Streaming in the Light: Live Zoom Channeling Gallery with Julie Ann Gadziala

Julie Ann Gadziala


This is a free event!

AvailableSeats: 500

Tuesday, December 20
7:00 pm-8:30 pm EST

Join Julie Ann Gadziala for an evening of laughter, light, love and joy. Experience the beauty, the wisdom and the vibration that comes to you while experiencing Live Spoken Channeling. This Channeling Stream will imbue messages, healing and wisdom for all.  You can expect a spontaneous group channeled message that will resonate for all. 

You will also have the opportunity to pose questions in the Zoom Chat Window that you wish answered . Julie Ann will randomly answer some of those questions via Channel & Intuitive stream. The messages should resonate for all.

Julie Ann's upbeat and loving spoken channeling has proven both powerful and transformative for her students, clients and gallery attendees.  Expect to come away from your experience in this Channeling Gallery with a feeling of serenity, peace, healing and a renewed hope for the future.

To get the most from this event here are some tips:

  • Attend this Gallery in a place where you get a strong internet connection.
  • Plan to participate from a place that is quiet and where you will not be interrupted.
  • Log onto Zoom at 6:45. This is to give you extra time in case you are having any Zoom log-in challenges. Once you are logged in correctly, you can 'stop video' and come back at 7:00.
  • It is suggested that you listen via Ear Pods, Air Pods, Headset, etc... Julie Ann's channeling often has a distinct accent and it can be more enjoyable when the sounds come directly into your ears.
  • Have a pad of paper and pen at hand. People often are inspired in her channeling Galleries and begin to write throughout. 
  • Due to the personal nature of questions that may come up, there will not be a shared recording of the event afterwards. “Be in the moment and be in the vibration.” That should suffice.

Julie Ann is a gifted conscious channel, intuitive, teacher and spiritual guide. She has taught channeling over the years both in person and remotely at Circles of Wisdom. Julie Ann runs a monthly remote channeling practice class via Circles of Wisdom. Click Here for more information. 

Julie Ann Gadziala

Julie Ann Gadziala

Julie Ann brings humor, comfort and joy to all who have been in sessions with her. Sessions incorporate her strengths as a Clairvoyant, Medium, Channel, Healer and Business / Employment Intuitive. Her Channeling Classes attract individuals from a wide geographic area who seek not only to hear her own Channeling but to learn to open up to their own Channel Connections as well. You can find Julie Ann and her Channeling Community at CreativeChannelers.com

Julie Ann is well known for her inspired Spiritual Business Coaching. A maverick of creativity, her popular workshops and webinars on Spiritual Business Building are viewed as portals to new horizons of both Spiritual and Financial Abundance. 
Julie Ann graduated from the Toronto based Strategic Coach Program and is herself a successful 4-time Entrepreneur who has motivated countless individuals start, grow and expand their Spiritual Businesses. Julie Ann has studied at The Arthur Findley College in Stansted England as well as with a variety of other established Spiritual Teachers.

For more information please visit her website: www.JulieAnnGadziala.com

Private Sessions with Julie Ann Gadziala
Private Sessions with Julie Ann Gadziala

Julie Ann is a gifted Psychic Medium, Channeler, Spiritual Guide and Spiritual Business Coach. You may choose to spend your time in one or a blend of the above areas.

Conscious Channeling Practice Group
Conscious Channeling Practice Group
Thursday, December 8 Online
6:30 pm-8:30 pm
Channeling involves shifting your mind to achieve an expanded state of consciousness, allowing you to connect to the higher realms, your spirit guides, and more…. Join together with other like-minded people who are looking to connect, improve, and further develop their channeling abilities.
Spiritual Business Building Tips
Spiritual Business Building Tips
Sunday, January 22 Online
10:30 am-1:30 pm
As a spiritual entrepreneur it is essential to attract your perfect tribe, stand out in your profession, exude the confidence that draws people to your expertise and have a handle on the tools that will ensure your success. This class is chock-full of tips and direction for you to solidify, stabilize and monetize a spiritual business.

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