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Ed Cleveland

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  • Instruments are provided, but you may bring your own if you prefer.

This program is for those who wish to learn and/or improve their technique with the very complex instrument known as the steel drum, or "Gong”. This intense and unique gong training is designed for the beginner, but it is also beneficial for those with gong experience as we will be going very deep into the basics, the foundation of gong play.
You will learn:

  • Basics about the gong instrument itself
  • The variety of many different mallets and how to use them
  • The different stands available for your use
  • Basic droning techniques followed by different mallet techniques from that basic principle
  • How sound works and how it moves around the room
  • How to set up and perform your own meditations
  • How to listen more deeply

As a bonus you also be receiving a variety of sound healing benefits simply by being in our space with the gongs while they are being played! Below we have included some additional information regarding these benefits specific to how they may apply to the body.

Additionally, in this training each participant will be tuned to the ascending & descending harmonics of the male & female voices of the Gong.  This will assist in connecting you and others to their consciousness. 

Playing the Gong is fun but there are significant benefits to your body and brain occurring while you are being trained to be a skillful Gong artist. 

Ears – Hearing how each gong has a different sound, the range of the harmonics and micro-tonality is like ear candy when you really know what to look for. At times, your inner ear is activated while you’re playing similar to when you may hear something in your dreams. This occurs when you’re not using your physical eyes or ears in a dream. 
Hands – These can work together or act intricately from each other with different rhythms while working with a variety of mallets. You can also touch the gong and feel the pulse, wave, and form of the vibrating metal.  Lightly touching the gong can allow you to hear two decibels higher than your normal range of hearing while allowing that energy to pass through your system in a different way. 
Touch – Some gongs can be felt before you hear them, as your entire body is listening with your skin, bone and ears. You will learn how to integrate the tap and touch of your gong with the way it is making you feel, and how to alter the air or pressure to put into the room to work with your intent. When you’re close to the Gong the organs may feel they are being touched. This is especially true when playing a very large Gong, along with the movement of blood, bile, wind, and water throughout your body. 
Eyes – Watching the gong vibrate can be very stimulating and even hypnotic as it reaches through your eyes rods and cones to the pineal gland. Watching the hand or mallet motions also activate a sense of timing as your brain is calculating what is going on. 
Brain - Receives a high level of mathematical information that you are creating as you are interacting with the sounds in your playing methods. We will learn methods to keep track of the timing, how ascending in relation to what is descending works with your count. Learn to interact with the male and female sounds while adjusting your composition to the possibility of thousands of different sounds that could be made by choosing different mallets. 
Spine – Moving your body in and out of the gong space as you learn what position you’re in along with the relationship to the Gong is important. In either standing or sitting you can be moving your body with the push and pull of the Gong as well as engaging your neck and head. Learn about your spine and heart allows for getting a better flow of electrical, chemical, and magnetic signals as you play heart to heart with the gong. 
Feet – Learn to shift your weight while playing the gong as it helps you with your rhythm or striking technique. Keeping the blood flowing while you are playing the Gong is important even if you are sitting in a chair. Grounding is always very important. 
Arms – Discover how important it is in being loose and relaxed while engaging the Gong. Learn how to use the flexing motions of your wrists to avoid gripping the mallet too tightly. This will avoid creating tension to yourself and possibly the listener.


Saturday, March 14 -Sunday, March 15
10:00 am-5:00 pm

Ed Cleveland

Ed Cleveland

Ed Cleveland teaches Reiki and Sound Therapy with Gongs, Singing Bowls and other Indigenous Sound Instruments.  He combines this with Cognitive Neuroscience, Neuromusicology and Psychophysiology which has been passed down from classes taught by Mitch Nur.  

Acoustic Designer of Soundscapes using the high, low, ascending, descending pitch, intervals, and inversion, thick, and thin in harmony with crescendo, or diminuendo’s to open the imagination and intellect.  

Ed has extensively studied in his field with an impressive list of accomplishments and certifications in this practice. 

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The Gong Experience
October 11, 2019 | Nancy

I love to be in audience for Ed's events. He brings the Heavy Metal in with the large gongs and it makes for a powerful experience. Taking the time for some Sound Therapy should be on everyone's agenda - and you will leave feeling calm and rebooted and there is a definite level of peace that the Gongs can and do clear the way for.

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