Intro to Vibrational Healing with Minerals, Sacred Geometry, Color and Sound Being Rescheduled

Robert Gilbert

  • Please note: This Introductory class is free if you are pre-registered for the weekend workshop.  

You won't want to miss this special event, which is the first and only time that Dr. Gilbert has ever presented in this area! 

Dr. Gilbert is known for his ability to give clear, concise, empowering overviews of a vast amount of rare information and practical techniques.  There will also be a selection of rare Crystals and Vibrational Tools from multiple countries, available at the evening talk and the weekend intensive seminar.


  • How ancient cultures combined Sacred Geometry with key Minerals and Crystals to create powerful energy activations and healing. 
  • The modern rebirth of the tremendously advanced "Daoist Stone Medicine" from China.  
  • Rosicrucian Crystal Healing from Central Europe: Their special method of potentizing and activating Stone Elixirs to extremely high levels of power.  
  • Rare European images of Vibrational Energies which create Health or Destruction.  
  • The Ancient Egyptian Use of Shape, Sound, Color, and Crystals to connect with the "Neters": the Conscious Powers of Nature. 
  • State of the Art Sound Healing: Cymatics and Cymatherapy from Switzerland, Britain, and the U.S.  
  • The Invisible "Shape-Caused Wave" created by precise Geometric forms (and how it was used in ancient temples and healing systems).  
  • The Discovery by French researchers of the complete "Universal Vibrational Spectrum" of all subtle energies.  
  • Himalayan use of Stones for Healing, Spiritual Practices and Karmic Protection ("Astral Remedies").  
  • Nature's Design Language: the modern Egyptian system of BioGeometry.  
  • The use of Crystals in the Foundations of Esoteric Judaism and Christianity.

and much more!


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Robert Gilbert

Robert Gilbert

Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D. is the Director of the Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies, located in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. Dr. Gilbert was formerly a U.S. Marine Corps instructor for the survival of Nuclear, Biological & Chemical Warfare, was the first U.S. instructor for the Clairvision school of Australia, and was the first non-Egyptian to become a certified instructor in BioGeometry.

He has created new methods of vibrational testing of stones to detect artificial treatments and to determine their hidden energetic powers & applications. He teaches live courses internationally, in addition to offering a wide-range of online trainings to students all over the world through

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