Learn to Play Native American Flute: Beginner Level

Laura Perkins and Ken Green, White Owl

  • YOU DO NOT NEED ANY MUSICAL BACKGROUND but please be sure to register early! Class is limited to 16 students. 
  • 6-hole FLUTES in G are provided for use during class. You are welcome to bring your own flute if you own one in G minor.

Playing the Native American flute is an opening into deeper expression of self because the soul connection is undeniable. Marrying the soul is each personality’s goal, but the soul and the personality often take decades to meld.  The Native American flute can be the vehicle that makes the union possible.

With Laura Lee Perkins, MS as your Flute Instructor as well as Ken Green, Flutemaker you will learn to play approximately 10-12 songs by the end of class. Using musical shorthand Laura and Ken will show you how you can play the flute with ease with no experience necessary.


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Laura Perkins and Ken Green, White Owl

White Owl Duo

Laura Lee Perkins is the author of the acclaimed Native American Flute Tutor Book and Earth Mother Flute Songs for the 6-hole Native American Flute. These books bring the joy of playing the 6-hole American Indian flute to everyone, including the non-music reader, because Laura writes the music using a simplified finger numbering system. The Flute Tutor Book comes with a learn to play one-hour CD.

Kenneth Green is known throughout the world for his amazing woodworking and instrument making skills. His WHITE OWL quality 6-hole Native American flutes are sold in many countries and in museum gift shops throughout North America. WHITE OWL flutes have impeccable pitch, beautiful hand-carved fetishes, a patina that is enhanced with age, and a purity of tone quality that is unrivaled among flute makers.

The WHITE OWL DUO has recorded five albums:

    A collection of 19 tunes from the Eastern Woodlands.
    15 tracks of varied rhythmical accompaniments played on authentic Native American percussion instruments.
    Laura's original melodies for meditation and healing recorded on the alto flute.
    Chippewa/Ojibwe tunes and original melodies that emerged from the Great Lakes area
    Included in the Native American Flute Tutor book

They were a 2004 NAMMY [Native American Music Awards] nominee for the Best Traditional Recording and were chosen four times to be Artists-in-Residence for the U.S. National Park Service. The WHITE OWL DUO has been the recipient of 10 grant awards for their tireless work researching, documenting, and recording authentic Native American tunes.

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