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14th Annual Messages Meant for You

  • We encourage those attending to donate to our Season of Giving initiative if you feel called to do so. We're working with Debbie's Treasure Chest to provide holiday gifts and gift cards for 4 families in need this holiday. Click here to donate and read more about who we're working to help. 


This is a Free event: A Holiday gift from Circles of Wisdom and With Love and Gratitude

DEFINITION:  Channelers, also sometimes known as psychic mediums:  a person who conveys thoughts or energy from a source believed to be outside the person's body or conscious mind specifically : one who speaks for nonphysical beings or spirits.

The intention of this session is to create an environment so that everyone can reverberate with unconditional love.  The With Love and Gratitude team will be sending out penetrating HEALING energies while Cris consciously channels Quan Yin. 

With the room enveloped in pulsations of compassion, Kim and Leslie will channel individualized messages from your Spirit Guides, Angels, Loved Ones, Ancestors and Akashic Records.   All together, we will reach out to those who surround us with total and complete acceptance and receive direct communications to nourish us on this earth plane.

-Kimberley Anderson:  A practicing Psychic/ Medium helping others feel the loving qualities the light holds.
-Cris Perro:  Connects with the energy of love to bring messages and healing from her heart to your heart.
-Leslie Gabriele:  An "energetic catalyst" and the founder of With Love and Gratitude
-With Love and Gratitude: A team of dedicated light workers acting in unison for the sole purpose of uplifting the spirit.     www.withloveandgratitude.com

With Love And Gratitude Team

With Love And Gratitude Team

With Love and Gratitude, a team of dedicated light workers, acting in unison, for the sole purpose of uplifting the spirit.  

14th Annual New Year Celebration Event: A Special Day of Healings & Readings
14th Annual New Year Celebration Event: A Special Day of Healings & Readings
January 7, 2023

Join us as we celebrate the the New Year!  20-minute readings or healing sessions for $15, or one of each for $25.  Also offering 15% off all merchandise. 

An Afternoon with Joel and Leslie
An Afternoon with Joel and Leslie
Sunday, February 12 In-Person
1:00 pm-3:00 pm
With Love and Gratitude's Leslie Gabriele joins with Joel Kaplan manifesting their desire to serve all others. In the spirit of the holiday of love, the purpose of our gathering is to transcend our ordinary understanding, step outside of our human sense perception, and together infuse, experience, create and heal.  

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