Pulling Down the Stars: A Light & Sound Healing Ceremony

Lorna DiMeo, Leontine Hartzell



AvailableSeats: 60

Friday, February 2
7:00 pm-9:00 pm EST

Join Shamanic practitioners and master sound healers Leontine Hartzell and Lorna DiMeo for an extraordinary evening of healing. Leontine and Lorna each have decades of experience channeling through song the healing vibrations from Divine Source, the Compassionate Star Beings and Angels.

The evening will begin with a short, guided meditation with crystal bowls and then you will be immersed in a concert of light language tones and sacred light codes channeled by Leontine and Lorna. Guided by Spirit each participant will receive an infusion of healing song vibrations specifically for their needs.

Join this ceremony of healing to feel your connection to the purity of your heart and the heart of all creation. Let yourself be absorbed into the crystal white light energy of sacred codes of luminous cosmic healing. Receive the divine gifts of healing, clearing, alignment and empowerment from the Celestial Spirits who love you! These sacred codes can elevate your consciousness and improve your physical, mental and emotional health and provide clarity for your spiritual path.

Lorna DiMeo

Lorna DiMeo

Lorna DiMeo, MSW, a psychotherapist for over thirty years, has traveled all over the world training, teaching and studying with the leading transformational and spiritual leaders, shamans and healers. 

It was during her shamanic training that she discovered her singing voice impacted those around her and has the power to heal and transform people’s lives.  She brings this wealth of experience and knowledge to her clients whether they work with her individually, in groups or online.  

To receive a free gift of 3 healing songs, go to www.lornadimeo.com

Leontine Hartzell

Leontine Hartzell

Leontine has over 40 years’ experience teaching spiritual practices and meditation and has been teaching Shamanic training for the past 24 years to students from all over the world. She is continuously adapting and expanding the content to keep it relevant for our changing times! New practices taught by her compassionate spirits guides and Ascended Masters are added each year to accelerate the learning and spiritual abilities of the students in the program and to continue to adapt to changing circumstances and energies on planet earth.

Leontine Hartzell is a shamanic visionary, teacher, and sound and energy healer. She is also a Soul Retrieval specialist, an award-winning recording artist, psychic channel, Usui and Karuna Reiki Master, Melchizedeck Method teacher, herbalist, Hypnotherapist, Qigong teacher, and ordained Interfaith Minister.

Her training includes studying with some of the preeminent shamans of Ecuador, Peru, Mongolia, First Nations, and North America, and many other indigenous cultures. Her formal training with Sandra Ingerman and with the Foundation of Shamanic Studies after studying counseling psychology and comparative religions formed the basis of her full-time energy healing and teaching practice over the past 3 decades. She has been a student of Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism, Sufism, bhakti traditions, and world mystical traditions since she was a teenager. 

Leontine's mission is to elevate people's consciousness and to help awaken their divine inner light so that they can live the full lives of joy and compassion that is their soul's true calling. Healing karmic wounds, restoring soul wholeness, discovering one's soul purpose, and restoring relationships with the natural world, the ancestors, and divine love are the goals of her work with individuals, groups, and corporate clients worldwide.  

She trains healers and teachers to sustain alignment with Divine Light and Wisdom to bring healing energies, teachings and community ceremonies to improve the lives of all beings.

Her award winning channeled music can be found at OmajaMusic.com and on Spotify, Amazon and other streaming services.

Her healing and teaching practice is based in Gloucester, MA and she also works with clients via Zoom, Skype and phone world-wide. Her workshops and ceremonies are held in New England and internationally.

Please see www.eyeofeagle.org for more information.

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