Shamanic Light Healer Apprenticeship Classes 2020

Leontine Hartzell

  • SHAMANIC LIGHT HEALER APPRENTICESHIP CLASSES 2020 - Now offered in one day and weekend modules that can be taken individually or consecutively. 
  • Dates and individual class links are listed below. All classes held at Circles of Wisdom, 386 Merrimack St, Methuen, MA.
  • A special discount price of $1360 applies when taking 8 consecutive classes ($165 per class). This may be paid in one payment or on a schedule. For those who began in Nov 2019 the schedule would be $500 by 11/9, $500 by 1/9 and $360 by 2/9. For those beginning in Jan 2020 the schedule would be $500 by 1/25, $500 by 2/1 and $360 by 2/22. $50 of the first payment is a non-refundable deposit. If you are unable to physically attend a class due to illness or for another reason, you can join the class via Skype or phone. If you decide to stop attending once the program has started, you will be refunded what you had paid less $175 per class attended and less the $50 deposit. 
  • Classes may also be taken individually for $185 each or discounted to $175 each when you take two on the same weekend.
  • A Soul Retrieval 3 Day Intensive offered in June 2020 completes the full program, and is an additional $475.

These powerful life-changing classes are for healers and those drawn to the spiritual shamanic path.

Previously offered as a two-year and then a one-year program, Leontine is now offering this training in one day and weekend module format. Each day long class can be taken individually, with the exception of the Three Day Soul Retrieval Training on June 5th-7th, 2020 which requires the prerequisites of Shamanic Extraction Healing and Alignment and also Psychopomp: Working with Departed Souls and the Dying. The pre-requisites can be taken with Leontine Hartzell or another qualified teacher.

The workshops in this program train people to learn how to be spiritual healers and community spiritual leaders. Whether you will work on individuals doing healing work, conduct ceremonies and rituals, work privately with the spirits of the earth, or focus on enriching your own spiritual practices, this program will give you a wide basis of knowledge and practice to work with helping spirits of many kinds for healing, balance and harmony.

In these accelerating changing times on planet earth, more and more people are awakening to their true spiritual natures and their soul callings to be more connected to spiritual energies. By committing to expanding your spiritual practice and knowledge you can take responsibility for your true place in your earth family and community to reveal and utilize your true soul’s gifts in this lifetime.

By participating in this program you will also be welcomed into a growing spiritual community of shamanic practitioners who gather periodically for ritual and ceremony as well as more advanced learning. Our goal is to join together to create strong circles of light for the creation of love, light, and balance to elevate our vibrations in alignment with pure Light.

Leontine has taught this training for the past 23 years and continuously is adapting and expanding the content to keep it relevant for our changing times. This program is no longer being offered exclusively as a one and two year program in order to make the teachings accessible to more people on the spiritual healing path. When this program was first offered, it was the first of its kind in the Boston area, and students had little or no prior experience in shamanic or spiritual training. Times have changed in the past 23 years! Leontine finds that more and more students have training and experience in other spiritual healing modalities. For this reason, each day long training (with the exception of the Soul Retrieval Training) can be taken separately so students can enhance any prior experience, or take the whole series and become immersed in the shamanic spiritual path. 

These classes use the classic shamanic methods of spirit journeying to a drumbeat or rattle as the primary methods of accessing the spirit realms and connecting with helping spirits. Ritual, ceremony, light body activation, guided visualizations, shamanic sound healing empowerments, singing, dancing, deep immersion in shamanic practices, performing and receiving healings with classmates under supervision, and learning healing methods to use on others, yourself and the earth are all included in each of the classes in this series. 

Please bring a notebook and pen to class, a scarf or eye covering to cover your eyes while journeying, a light blanket to lie on the floor with, a drum or rattle if you have one (some will be provided), a clear quartz crystal to be used for healing and if you wish, a small personal item to place on the communal altar during the class.

The use of computers, video or recording devices of any kind is strictly prohibited during class sessions. Students must have a fundamental knowledge of basic shamanic journeying, which can be easily learned though attending a workshop or personal reading and practice. Sandra Ingerman’s book: Shamanic Journeying: A Beginner’s Guide is highly recommended. There are several good instructions with drumming for journeying on youtube that you can practice with.

If you have questions about this training program, individual classes or the pre-requisites for the Soul Retrieval Training please email Leontine Hartzell at:   Registration for all classes is only through Circles of Wisdom.

Weekend #1 - Sat, Jan 25, 2020 - Shamanic Immersion

Sun, Jan 26, 2020 - Healing with the Ancestors

Weekend #2 - Sat, Feb 1, 2020 - Shamanic Psychopomp 

Sun, Feb 2, 2020 - Healing with the Spiritual Light 

Weekend #3 - Sat, Feb 22, 2020 - Shamanic Extraction, Healing & Alignment

Sun, Feb 23, 2020 - Working with Nature Spirits

Weekend #4 - Sat, April 25, 2020 - Shamanic Dreamwork

Sun, April 26, 2020 - Healing with the Elements

Soul Retrieval 3 Day Intensive - June 5 - 7, 2020 (not included in the $1360 8-class fee)


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Leontine Hartzell

Leontine Hartzell

Leontine has over 40 years’ experience teaching spiritual practices and meditation and has been teaching Shamanic training for the past 23 years to students from all over the world. She is continuously adapting and expanding the content to keep it relevant for our changing times! New practices taught by her compassionate spirits guides and Ascended Masters are added each year to accelerate the learning and spiritual abilities of the students in the program and to continue to adapt to changing circumstances and energies on planet earth.

Leontine Hartzell is a shamanic visionary, teacher and sound and energy healer. She is also a Soul Retrieval specialist, an award-winning recording artist, psychic channel, Usui and Karuna Reiki Master, Melchizedeck Method teacher, herbalist, Hypnotherapist, Qigong teacher and ordained Interfaith Minister. Her training includes studying with some of the preeminent shamans of Ecuador, Peru, Mongolia, First Nations, and North America and many other indigenous cultures. Her formal training with Sandra Ingerman and with the Foundation of Shamanic Studies after studying counseling psychology and comparative religions formed the basis of her full-time energy healing and teaching practice over the past 3 decades. She has been a student of Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism, Sufism, bhakti traditions and world mystical traditions since she was a teenager. 

Leontine's mission is to elevate people's consciousness and to help awaken their divine inner light so that they can live the full lives of joy and compassion that is their soul's true calling. Healing karmic wounds, restoring soul wholeness, discovering one's soul purpose and restoring relationship with the natural world, the ancestors and divine love are the goals of her work with individuals, groups and corporate clients worldwide.  

Her healing practice is based in Beverly, MA and she also works with clients via Skype and phone. Her workshops and ceremonies are held in New England and internationally.

Please see for more information.

Her shamanic healing music can be found at and on YouTube, iTunes and other music sites.

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