The Energy Lab

Heather Maguire


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AvailableSeats: 60

Friday, May 12-Saturday, May 13
6:30 pm-3:00 pm EST

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  • This workshop runs Friday night, 5/12 - 6:30 to 8:30 pm and Saturday, 5/13 - 10 to 3 pm 
  • Optional follow-up zoom on Thursday,  May 18th from 7 to 8 pm

Change your energy, change your life.

The keys to unlocking Universal support lie within your intuition and your energy. Your intuition draws information into your awareness and your energy broadcasts your desires and beliefs out into The Field. 

Whatever you are wanting, the Universe supports you. Whether it’s a spiritual desire like feeling a clear connection to your Spirit Guides or something more practical like getting your partner to put their laundry into the actual laundry basket, what you desire matters. 

So often we are blocked by the energy of limiting beliefs and past experiences. Our fear of being hurt or disappointed hampers our ability to trust. What then? 

You can playfully move past those old beliefs and limitations. All it takes is (somewhat) scientific inquiry.

The Energy Lab

We will start with exercises to develop your confidence and ability to work with your intuition. Your intuition is the constant conversation your body is having with the Universe. Then you will learn how to change your energetic state. Your energetic state is the magnet for what you attract in your life and it's what your intuition is communicating to the Universe. Experimenting with your energy is fun, fast, and powerful! This is a hands-on, interactive two days. You will experiment with dowsing rods, pendulums, and more.

Your life can feel like a playful experiment! Learn the formula for conducting energy experiments that give you the freedom to move past energy blocks and limiting beliefs. The Universe will support you. 

Wayne Dyer famously said, “When you believe it, you will see it.” When you believe that life is an energy laboratory, you will see unexpected miracles happen in magical ways.  

What people are saying about The Energy Lab: 

Amazing, Mind Blowing, Inspirational

I conducted an Energy Experiment on a workshop I was offering that no one had registered for. As the deadline approached, I felt like a failure and was getting pretty resentful. I knew I needed to shift my energy fast. I spent a few minutes with Heather and after our call, I checked my email and 2 of the 6 spots had magically filled. -Jennifer Z

Heather’s energy experiment was an amazing opportunity. It gave me a new perspective on the energy in and around us. It gave me the confidence to send positive love and peace to myself and others. It was empowering and I am grateful! -Karen G

I want to give you my profound thanks for your time yesterday.  I now have more clarity and healing surrounding my father than I could have hoped for. -Susan M

Today was incredible. Thank you so much, Heather, for being you & for sharing your gifts with us.  Not only did I get to experience more of my own community but I also felt so nurtured by the intention of our event. The synchronicities are real and they are happening!

I started focusing on authenticity while working on some of my lingering challenges. I feel lighter and was able to move forward with a decision without any challenges or insecurities. That was new! I felt confident and didn't second guess myself. I was also able to rethink my approach and I am open to opportunities.

Heather Maguire

Heather Maguire

Having been intuitive her whole life, Heather has always been fascinated by the connections between people and the conversation beneath the conversation. She enjoys helping people uncover their own intuitive abilities and understand themselves at the soul level. "You're not broken. You're not an accident. Who you are is who you are meant to be. You have permission to love your whole self!"

Sitting in her very first development, Heather was amazed to discover that her body was able to bring forward thoughts, feelings and images that were actually highly accurate and insightful messages. Even more surprising was the discovery that when she shared these messages, people often experienced profound changes and healing. 

Heather loves supporting people in the process of opening to their intuitive gifts. Her readings encourage you to believe in yourself and remind you of what you already know your meant to do.

Intuitive Mediumship Sessions with Heather Maguire
Intuitive Mediumship Sessions with Heather Maguire

Heather combines mediumship, intuitive guidance, and energy healing to guide clients to deeper levels of understanding and self-acceptance.

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