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Alicja Aratyn

Have you ever pondered the following questions:

  • How to dowse properly?  
  • How to be more accurate when dowsing?
  • How to use pendulums to help in regaining health?

These are fundamental questions for every dowser. In this workshop we will look for the solutions to these questions, by discovering some tricks to help make your dowsing work more successful!

During this evening we will:

  • Find solutions to these questions and others you may have.
  • Explore methods for healing self and others with these amazing tools. 
  • Work on ourselves and others to increase our skill in dowsing. 

Whenever I teach, I find that most people are mainly interested in correcting health problems especially how to deal with pain and releasing pain using a pendulum, or how to offer assistance to certain areas of the body that are not functioning optimally. In addition, how to make proper decisions in life, how to determine compatibility between people in order to improve relationships.

Join us for this fun evening and learn some very useful tips and tricks that will allow you to better integrate pendulums into your everyday life, to help make your path easier and smoother… It is possible, if you find the key to your own greatness!


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Alicja Aratyn

Alicja Aratyn

Rev. Alicja Aratyn M. Eng. is the founder and owner of the Alicja Centre of Well-Being.  She is a Past Vice President of the Canadian Society of Dowsers and has long been a member, lecturer, and teacher for the American Society of Dowsing as well as a member of Toronto Press Club. She is a life-long follower and enthusiast of the Esoteric and Metaphysical teachings of both Eastern and Western Philosophies.

In 1991 she moved to Canada with her son, Tom. Many personal challenges, as well as her son’s illness, made Alicja put her theoretical knowledge into practice convincing her to stay with Alternative methods and Esotericism as a full-time business.

Since 1993, Alicja has dedicated her professional life to sharing her expertise and knowledge to improve the quality of life for many people. Over the past 20 years, she has traveled extensively throughout the world to teach, lead and inspire as well as to heal and consult with people to bring their lives to the next level of awareness.  As a natural born healer, she shares her gift generously.

Like all great teachers, Alicja started with transforming her own life. She now bases her classes and one-on-one practice not only on the Ancient Egyptian School of Vibrations but also her first-hand experience with alternative modalities such as Medical Qigong, Dowsing, Reiki, EFT, as well as many European techniques (Transforming Family Patterns, Releasing Entities, Numerology, etc.).

Alicja has developed her own, unique system of teaching dowsing which is now known as the “Science of Dowsing”.  This system encompasses all levels and applications of Dowsing with an incredible amount of spiritual and scientific knowledge blended together to create a comprehensive and easy-to-follow course. In her seminars, Alicja uses the latest Accelerated Learning Technique which allows people to maximize comprehension. Her classes are always well attended due to her unique blend of knowledge, wisdom, and humor.

Alicja's mission is to empower and inspire people to reach their full potential by assisting in the manifestation of their dreams and life purpose.

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