Unicorn Rising Workshop & Book Signing with Calista

Calista Ascension

  • Please note this workshop includes an autographed copy of Calista's new book - Unicorn Rising 

Spiritual author, teacher and founder of Unicorn Healing®, Calista, will present a 3-hour workshop designed to explore the unicorn realm and connect you with your personal unicorn guide.

Workshop includes lots of unicorn magic plus you will…

  • Learn about unicorns and the current rise in popularity
  • Learn what your soul’s path, power and purpose is
  • Receive an energetic attunement and experience a guided meditation and visualization
  • Receive practical tools, teachings and personalized guidance from the unicorns

Please bring a pen and notebook along with a personal item you'd like blessed on our unicorn healing altar. 


About Unicorn Rising – Live Your Truth and Unleash Your Magic: 

Unicorn Rising is a guide to ascending consciousness. It escorts the reader into their soul with ways to live their path, power, and purpose. Fun, enthralling, and original, the author weaves relatable stories of breakthrough, with quick transforming exercises, uplifting artwork, energetic attunements, meditations, and self-reflective questions for meeting your own unicorn guides. Insights from the nature spirits, angels, and Mother Earth blend with fresh, practical ways to love from soul, as soul. You will gain deeper clarity of your unique path and purpose while feeling empowered to make the changes necessary to live a more fulfilling life.  


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Calista Ascension

Calista Ascension

Calista is a Scottish-born, ascension pioneer and gifted spiritual teacher. As well as creating 200+ workshops, meditations and attunements to help raise consciousness, she is the Founder of?Unicorn Healing®, Angel Healing® and Atlantean Crystal Healing™ – heart-based energy modalities that are taught around the world.   

Calista has a strong affinity with Elementals (nature spirits) and loves to share ways on how we can work with these supporting allies to live in deeper harmony with ourselves and Mother Earth

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