Unlocking Your Mysteries: An Intro to Dreamwork

Maggie Shields

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Sunday, December 3 Being Rescheduled
12:30 pm-2:30 pm EST
  • This class is limited to 12 participants only. Be sure to register early! 
  • This is a basic class geared toward those who are new to dreamwork.

“All dreams come in the service of health and wholeness.” ~ Jeremy Taylor

Why Dreams Matter

Dreams have long been a source of fascination, mystery, and wonder for humanity. They are windows into the vast, uncharted landscapes of our subconscious mind and soul, where symbols, emotions, and experiences merge into a tapestry of the psyche. Dreams are the realm where our deepest desires, fears, and unresolved issues come to life, offering us profound insights and a chance for self-discovery.

Why are dreams important? Dreams serve as a gateway to understanding our inner selves. They can provide clarity on personal challenges, reveal hidden talents, and offer guidance on life's dilemmas. They can show you everything from practical dietary advice to experiencing a spiritual awakening. You could meet spiritual mentors, angels, guides, ancestors, descendants, and animal guides. Dreams are limitless!! With dreams we gain access to a wellspring of Universal wisdom that enriches our waking lives.

Workshop Highlights

  • Interactive Discussion: You will have the opportunity, if you wish, to share and talk about your own dreams and listen to the dreams of others. We will discuss symbolism and metaphors within your dreams. 
  • Tools to Remember and Interpret Dreams: We will review ways to aid remembering dreams along with practical techniques to decipher the hidden messages within your dreams. 
  • Interpreting Nightmares and Recurring Dreams: Learn how to confront unsettling dream experiences and transform them into powerful tools for growth.

What to Bring

If you would like to share, please bring a recent dream along with events and thoughts that occurred around that time. We will try to hear everyone’s dream who wishes to share, depending on time.

Maggie Shields

Maggie Shields

Maggie's spiritual journey began in childhood with a recurring dream, igniting a lifelong fascination with them and the realms of spirituality, philosophy, mysticism, and nature. Her love of sci-fi, fairy tales, and mysteries often found her engrossed in books, while her connection to nature deepened her appreciation for the natural world and its wonders. She sought answers about love, life's purpose, and our existence.

Leaving home at a young age, Maggie struggled with deep sadness and despair. In her early twenties, she confronted her inner turmoil and asked for divine guidance. An unexpected encounter led Maggie to a therapist who used dreamwork to delve into her subconscious and soul. This transformative experience lifted her depression, sparking a renewed sense of wonder and purpose.

Although her beloved therapist's time on Earth was limited, Maggie's journey continued. She embraced life's ups and downs, seeking guidance from mentors and helpers along the way. However, she never again sank into the depths of depression that had once overwhelmed her. As a dedicated seeker and student, Maggie’s experiences combined with dreamwork have helped her connect with her True Self.

Now Maggie is passionate about sharing her knowledge with those seeking understanding about their own dreams and life situations. As a dreamworker and spiritual/life coach, she loves guiding individuals to unlock their inner wisdom using a unique and powerful combination of dream interpretation, coaching techniques, Tarot/Oracle cards, and intuition. Maggie is a Martha Beck Wayfinder Life Coach and certified in Dreamwork and Tarot. Her mission is to empower others to unearth their soul's innate wisdom and inspire them to craft their own beautiful, illuminated patterns of an awakened life!

Dreamwork or Soul Coaching Sessions with Maggie Shields
Dreamwork or Soul Coaching Sessions with Maggie Shields

Maggie offers both Dreamwork and/or Soul Coaching sessions. Explore the depths of your dreams, thoughts & beliefs, unveiling profound messages your body, heart & soul yearn to communicate.

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