Vibrational Healing with Minerals, Sacred Geometry, Color & Sound: Authentic Methods from Egypt, China, Europe, & Modern Systems

Robert Gilbert

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Join us for a fascinating weekend with Dr. Gilbert, featuring a selection of the most exciting and useful information & techniques he has taught in recent seminars in Australia and throughout the United States.


  • How to Apply the Sacred Geometry form which creates the "Shakti" energy flow in the Human Body or a Location. 
  • How to use the type of Light & Color which has been shown to accelerate wound healing and activate beneficial anti-aging glandular secretions in the human body. 
  • The breakthrough Sound Healing device which can remove the subtle energy imprints of toxic radiation exposure from the body and from stones.  
  • A modern medical solution for MRSA and other antibiotic-resistant infections (including the exact items available to the public which can destroy these deadly pathogens).  
  • Demonstration of methods to detect the hidden vibrational powers in any person, place, or thing using French and Egyptian Vibrational Radiesthesia tools & techniques.  
  • The key liquid Mineral extract found in modern clinical research to support core Cellular Repair (and how it is connected to a classical Indian Ayurvedic remedy). 
  • How to Activate the different Levels of Power within stones (the Rosicrucian "Dissolving" Practice). 
  • Key Stones for activating the "Jing" Life Essence (the condensed creative power within life force energy, that is the source of the physical body and of sexual energy).  
  • Stones used by Daoist healers to help Regenerate the Body.  
  • How to Activate and/or Clear any Energy Center in the Body, through combining specific Stones with Geometric Shape information.  
  • How to Clear any Energy Pathways or Meridians in the Body, using precise Polarity Pairs of stones.   
  • How to Detect and Avoid the artificial treatments of stones which have affected a huge number of crystals sold to the public (including common Radiation treatments which make minerals highly energetically toxic and harmful).  
  • How to Activate the "White Light" and the "Dark Light" energies in the body with specific stones. 
  • The Rosicrucian Science of Stone Healing.  
  • German Potentized Stone Elixirs (with two special Potentized Elixirs based on the Rudolf Steiner method available at this event).  
  • The “Quantum Tunneling” Stone, scientifically proven to transcend the laws of Physics -- and why the Daoists use this stone for advanced spiritual internal alchemy.  
  • How to use Stones from Sacred Power Spots on the Earth (and how to detect this energy in the stone).  
  • How to apply the hidden powers in the amazing "Euphoralite" stones from South Dakota.  
  • Latest Research into the use of Stone Elixirs for support of Brain Injury and Cognitive Issues. 

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Robert Gilbert

Robert Gilbert

Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D. is the Director of the Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies, located in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. Dr. Gilbert was formerly a U.S. Marine Corps instructor for the survival of Nuclear, Biological & Chemical Warfare, was the first U.S. instructor for the Clairvision school of Australia, and was the first non-Egyptian to become a certified instructor in BioGeometry.

He has created new methods of vibrational testing of stones to detect artificial treatments and to determine their hidden energetic powers & applications. He teaches live courses internationally, in addition to offering a wide-range of online trainings to students all over the world through

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