Personal Readings with David Young

Personal Readings with David Young
  • Sessions are $75 for 20 minute sessions 

David channels a message for the client to help with a stumbling block or something in their life they want to change and then writes this message into a song right in front of the client. It is emailed to the client making it easy to remember.

To assist you in journeying to the next level, David creates a personal musical affirmation, your own mantra to help you move past your fears, misbeliefs, stumbling blocks or limitations. 

When words are attached to a melody, they become 10 times more powerful because they are linking the right side (creative, musical) and left side of our brains (logical, information). 

An example of this is people with Alzheimers Disease that can't remember their own name can still sing "Amazing Grace" from beginning to end. Your personal affirmation song will be stored in the same way in your your brain making it part of your inner and outer being.

David shares, "One client told me her situation and I was given 9 words for her. I wrote them down in front of her, then created her song/mantra and sang it into her cell phone. When I finished she said that Archangel Michael came to her the previous week and gave her the exact same 9 words."

These Channeled Messages/ Musical Affirmations help to change old thought patterns so you can move into a new, more positive life.


I wanted to thank you so much for arranging to have David at NH Metaphysical. As mentioned, I have seen David perform several other times when he has been in our area. This time I chose to have a special private session for a personal music affirmation.  What a joy it was to be present watching him work in such a comfortable atmosphere.  I felt at ease and free to express what I needed to move forward so he could work with that. David's process to personalize a most meaningful piece with words and music for me is empowering.  This is an exceptional gift that he shares which I am most appreciative of.  Additionally, this was insightful for me in other ways as well.

I always have loved David’s events.  The meditations last night brought home to me even more where my meditations are traveling to.  They are speaking to me of artwork designs, messages, travel vehicles in which to go places, new ways of returning from a meditation to the earth plane’s time and space, etc.  David’s music has a beautiful quality allowing me to “fly” and “soar” in new ways.  Being in the same space where he is physically playing brings an added element to my travel.  Each experience is so different and yet all of them are thread together, aligning a pathway forward.

Light Blessings,  Ann

Friday, November 17
10:00 am-1:00 pm

David Young

David Young

David Young is an American musician known for his ability to play two recorders simultaneously. Two of his albums, Renaissance and Solace, have been nominated for Grammy Awards.  He was also a member of the new age duo Celestial Winds with harpist Lisa Franco.

Young started playing the recorder in the third grade in Brooklyn, New York. He studied baroque and renaissance music with Phil Levin and, at age 12, he became the youngest member to join the New York Recorder Guild advanced performing group. His music has been featured on the U.S. television series' General Hospital, All My Children and Passions. He has worked with recording artists such as Bobby Schnitzer, Cheryl Gallagher, and Robin Berry. 

He is also the author of Divine Inner Guidance and Channeling Harrison.  In his recently released book, Channeling Harrison, David relates his experiences of channeling George Harrison and offers you a new way to think about life after death.